ALL the legendary Pokémon Let’s Go and how to get them

As in any good Pokémon game that prides itself on being so, Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee / Pikachu includes a series of legendary creatures that we can catch at certain specific points in the adventure . Of course, since only the 151 original Pokémon of the first generation have been included , the number of mythical monsters that we will find is quite low if we compare it to that of other installments.

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Next we leave you with the location of each one of them, although not without first reminding you that it is highly recommended to save the game before starting the confrontation against any of them, since if we fail in the capture it will flee forever . In addition, Legendariss birds can also appear in the wild after being captured for the first time , although their location is completely random and the chances of them appearing are really slim.


  1. Articuno – How and where to capture it?
  2. Zapdos – How and where to capture it?
  3. Moltres – How and where to capture it?
  4. Mewtwo – How and where to capture it?
  5. Mew


Articuno – How and where to capture it?

  • Type: Flying / Ice
  • Location:Foam Islands

Articuno is located in the Espuma Islands , a dungeon that we will find in the middle of Route 20, which connects Ciudad Fucsia with Isla Canela. As you may suppose, it is essential to have learned the Surcaaguas Secret Technique to get here.

Once inside, you will have to solve a puzzle consisting of throwing a few blocks of stone towards the lower floors (you will need the Secret Push Technique to do this) to stop the stream of water on the left side that is in the deepest floor of all. Once this is done, we simply have to navigate these waters north until we find Articuno.

Of course, before we can throw Poké Balls to get hold of him we will need to defeat him in combat . He is level 50, so try to use your best Fire or Electric type Pokémon against him.

Zapdos – How and where to capture it?

  • Type: Flying / Electric
  • Location:Power plant

To get the second member of the trio of legendary birds we will have to go to Ciudad Celeste and take Route 9 until we reach Route 10 . Once there, just before reaching the Rock Tunnel, we will find a Pokémon Center. To your right we will see that there is a small river through which we can navigate if we use the Surcaaguas Secret Technique in the unfenced part that is north of the aforementioned Pokémon Center.

From here, follow the river down and you will reach a secret dungeon called the Power Station . Advance through it and at the end of it you will find this powerful Pokémon, without a doubt, one of the best in the entire game.

As with Articuno, we will have to defeat him first in a combat and he is at level 50.

Moltres – How and where to capture it?

  • Type: Flying / Fire
  • Location: Victoria Street

To find Moltres we will have to head to Victoria Street, the dungeon just before reaching the Pokémon League , so we will not be able to access it until we have defeated the eight gym leaders of Kanto.

Finding him is a fairly simple task, since we will only have to advance through the dungeon until we find a police officer capable of healing us by talking to her. Once here, just to your left we will see some stairs that we will have to go down. Moltres is just to the right from the position in which we will appear .

Like the rest of the legendary birds, before we can capture it we will have to defeat it in combat. As you can also imagine, it is level 50 , although at this point in the adventure it should not give us major problems.

Mewtwo – How and where to capture it?

  • Type: Psychic
  • Location: Cueva Celeste

Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokémon in the entire game and we can only face it when we pass the main adventure, at which time we will be given access to the Celestial Cave , a dungeon that we will find navigating the stream that runs to the left of Celestial City .

Once inside this cave, the path to Mewtwo is surprisingly easy . Go until you find some stairs and go up to the second floor. Here we will find a gigantic room full of stairs, although the one we are looking for is the one located in the upper left corner.

From there, the path is quite linear and has no loss, so it simply advances until you find this fearsome creature. We recommend keeping the Master Ball for this confrontation , since it is a tough opponent to peel.

In addition, as you will already suppose, before we can launch any Poké Ball we will have to defeat it in a quite complicated combat , since it is level 70, all its statistics are boosted at the beginning of the battle, it is very fast, it does a lot of damage, its defense It is not far behind and, if that were not enough, it can be cured.

Our recommendation is that you use movements that can paralyze it so that it cannot act or, failing that, Toxic , so that the poison damage ends up being greater than it can regenerate. Of course, you will only have five minutes to weaken it, so try to act quickly. Of course, the Sinister, Bug and Ghost type attacks will come to you in a fable to take down a good portion of life each turn.


  • Type: Psychic
  • Location: Poké Ball Plus

Mew, the most elusive Pokémon in the entire game, can only be obtained if we purchase the Poké Ball Plus , so we will not be able to transfer it from Pokémon GO or obtain it in Let’s Go in any “normal” way.


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