The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild – Guide to the sacred colossus Naboris

This colossus of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild has the appearance of a dromedary. Starting from the teleportation point go to the nanoguardian, defeat him and climb to the top of the ramp, destroy the eye to gain access to the main hall. Go all the way and go up the right ramp to access the colossus map terminal.

From the map it will be clear that you can control three rotating parts of the main room which for clarity we will call the front ring the one closest to the head , the middle ring the one in the center and the rear ring the one towards the tail. Open the menu and rotate the front ring three times. When it stops, momentarily go to the vertical corridor on the right, looking at the head of the colossus. From this position open the menu and turn the front ring to make the corridor turn horizontally so that you are a few steps away from the first terminal that you will reach with a jump. Looking around you will see an eye that you have to hit to get rid of the grudge. From the point where you find yourself, rotate the middle ring so that the first casket is within your reach and that you will easily reach by gliding.

Standing on the edge of the platform where the first chest is, rotate the middle ring and walk along the edge of the mobile surface, being careful not to fall. Then drop down on the opposite side next to the second chest. Go to the back of the colossus and you will see a chest hanging on a rope. Block it with stacys, cut the rope and grab it with the kalamitron. Now rotate the three rings so that the power cables are aligned on the top of the structure. You cannot be confused because the well positioned cables will be green, otherwise they will be red. When connected they will turn a vertical disc next to the front ring. Enter any opening on the rotating disc and open the third chest. When the rotation has brought you to the top, there is an exit above the colossus’ neck. From the top of the rotating disc glide into the duct in the center of the disc and get to the bottom, avoiding rancor and laser beams. Hit the eye to get to the chest and return to the top of the rotating disk. Go to the platforms where there is a cross-shaped lever and turn it clockwise, in this way the small disk will rotate to the right. The two discs have an electrode and must be positioned in order to create a circuit, then turn the lever until you start the contact that will raise the neck of the colossus, which in turn will activate a platform that leads upwards. Get on this platform and get to the top to find the second terminal.

Go back to the main room. From the rear of the rotating disc, drop down onto the platform that passes through the disc, when the longest side is on the right of the behemoth, looking at the head. From the edge jump on the central platform with the green crystal, then continue until you reach the conduit on the opposite side of the main room. Before interacting with the sliding energy connectors , descend to any side of the giant’s tail. Glide to the fifth chest below you, then glide even lower, precisely the starting point of the maze, then return to the tail and the energy connectors. Use the kalamitron to move the energy connectors, two on each side, in order to create an electrical circuit that will move the tail of the colossus upwards. Rotate any ring in the main room, in this way you will cut off the current and the tail will return to its original position. Go behind the pillar on the tip of the tail, near an electrode. Put back the ring you had rotated to restore the current.

The tail will return to the top but this time you will be over the pillar which will now act as a bridge and allow you to get to the hump of the colossus. It is understood that every eye you see will be destroyed, having said that, inside the hump go up the ladder that leads to the platform above the door where you entered. Move the cross-shaped lever until the energy reaches the electrode to activate a platform that leads to the other hump, but that for the moment you don’t have to go. So take the elevator to go down and pay attention to two small platforms halfway between the floors because on one of them there is the sixth chest to grab with the kalamitron, or stop the elevator with stasys. On the other platform halfway between the two floors there is an electric sphere, use stasys on the elevator and with the kalamitron take the sphere and drop it downstairs, as you will need it in a little while. Take the elevator back to the upper room and use the platform to go to the other hump.

Hit the eye under the platform and release the third terminal, then take the elevator back and go upstairs. Jump on the sliding platform, the one you used to go to the second hump, to reach the seventh chest in the room with a cross-shaped lever, which you could not reach on the opposite side because of the grudge. Open the chest, go back to the previous room, take the electric sphere and go up the elevator to go back to the ground floor. Destroy the eye in the corner of the room, lift the sphere with the kalamitron and connect it to the electrode above the closed gate. When it opens, enter the room. Take the sphere you see and put it on one of the two pedestals in front of the large closed gate, then retrieve the other and put it on the other pedestal.Go back to the room with the elevator that corresponds to the rear hump . Do not go on the elevator but exit the room, you are on the back of the colossus, jump to your left, looking at the head of the colossus it would be the right side, and glide around the right hind leg to land on the platform between the back and front paw right.

Walk into the right hind leg structure and enter the cubic room. The terminal is on the opposite wall but to access it you have to turn the rear ring once. Interact with the terminal, rotate the rear ring three times and exit the cubic room. Walk to the left side of the front ring, looking at the head of the behemoth and climb up the corridor. You should see two circular openings obstructed by crushable rocks on both sides. Launch a bomb towards the opening on the right, still looking at the head of the colossus, jump through it to take the eighth chest, then go back to the corridor before. Now blow up the other crumbly wall, cross it, follow the path that goes towards the tail of the colossus, arrive in a small room in the hind leg and take the ninth chest. Twist the middle ring twice to align the main control unit horizontally, examine it, and fight with Ganon’s Lightning Wrath boss.

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