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Chess . Strategic utopia that fascinates millions around the globe … and that also bores many others. But my intention is not to start a conflict around chess, but to help those who wish to learn to play it , or why not, improve their current knowledge . That leaves us in front of Lucas Chess , a free and portable platform in which we can play against various engines, train special movements, and of course, receive suggestions from its integrated tutor.

What I said before, and I think it is a good time to repeat it: I am horrible at playing chess . I have neither the patience nor the depth, and I honestly don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. But that’s my problem, and there are millions of players out there who at least try to assimilate all the material at their fingertips. Of course, there comes a point where theory can no longer help us, and our only option is to take a seat in front of a board, be it physical or digital. Chess novices must understand that they are going to lose more than they win at the beginning , and that the instruction never ends , because they will always find someone who is one step above. Then,How can we polish our chess?

Improve your Chess skill

The game analyzer was about to commit suicide here …

Let’s make a space for Lucas Chess . Its official page reports a total of 36 engines available with a ranking that goes from 1,300 to 3,000 elo , although in the tutors section there are only a dozen. Lucas Chess divides the strength of our opponents into animals and objects, ideal for the little ones in the house to improve. However, the strong point of Lucas Chess is in the competition mode , which confronts us with an engine designed for beginners, and we are accompanied by the tutor at every step. If the tutor detects that our movement is too weak , he will interrupt the game and make another suggestion.

The tutor will present a limited number of suggestions during the game

Lucas Chess is an open source program under the GNU license, and even though we can only find binaries compatible with Windows on its official website, there are instructions on the Web for its installation on Linux distros. Its interface also provides Spanish language support. Download a copy!


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