Why Learn Italian Language In France

Each of us has a good reason to start learning Italian: a language study trip, a weekend in Rome, relatives from Verona, or simply to add an additional language to the Curriculum.
For example, being a musician, I initially wanted to learn this beautiful language in order to understand the lyrics of the songs I liked most, such as those written by great songwriters: De Andrè, Dalla, Battisti, Celentano and many others.

Currently in France, Italian is the fourth foreign language studied by middle schools after English, Spanish and German. Unfortunately, few schools offer Italian; many people choose to study this language outside the school curriculum, either out of passion or to trace their origins. For this reason, it is a little more rarer to meet a Frenchman who can communicate in Italian on a professional level. Knowing the close link between France and Italyand their numerous commercial and cultural relationships, learning this language is fundamental for French companies that collaborate with Italian companies. Having worked with a large French company, I can argue that the language barrier is not the only thing to consider when working with a foreign company; it is necessary to know the culture of its employees, and above all to observe and respect its values, in order to establish solid and lasting professional relationships.

In tourism, Italy is the 4th most visited country in the world. Who has never dreamed of seeing the Colosseum with its 2000 years of history, or taking a gondola ride on the canals of the romantic city of Venice? As we all know, every trip is a new excuse to learn a few words of the language of the country visited. A simple “Good morning”, “thank you very much” or “goodbye”, even with the “r” fly, will always be highly appreciated by the Italians and will make you forget the image of the unpleasant French that unfortunately many have in mind . Moreover, communicating in Italian will allow you to get to know its people and its culture better. This is a unique added value, which is not studied in books but is discovered only by spending as much time as possible in the chosen country.

The thing I like most about Italian is that it is a very rich language and that you never stop learning. For those like me who are passionate about this country and its culture, they will certainly have tried to learn a few words of the dialect of the territory visited. Knowing these peculiarities could prove useful in the future, given that in recent years series, films and songs have been produced in local languages.


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