Learn how to fight abdominal bloating

The abdominal swelling is a terrible and uncomfortable feeling for anyone, especially for causing a grip and suffocation in the abdomen. When swelling appears, it is common to feel heavier even if the scale does not reveal an extra weight gain. In addition, dissatisfaction with the body itself is also evident when trying to hide the swelling.

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More common than it seems, the swelling can occur for several causes and it is enough to have an inadequate diet to suffer from this problem. For those who are used to spending days and days with abdominal bloating, the good news is that there are several simple ways to solve this problem, avoid future bloating and the unpleasant sensations they cause.

The natural teas that together own ingredients to relieve the swelling is one of the most used ways to take the weight of the body. In addition, some changes in habits and a greater concern for health can make all the difference. To know how to solve the problem, you first need to understand the causes of the swelling and then use natural methods to combat and prevent this from occurring. (Check out nine tips to deflate your belly)

Why am I bloated?

There are a number of reasons that can cause abdominal bloating, including bowel disease and problems. However, in most cases, women experience this situation due to an inadequate diet that causes fluid retention . If you recently started investing in a “miracle” diet, the body’s lack of adaptation to the new eating style may also be the cause of the problem.

Those who drink little water a day and consume lots of sodium-rich foods are more likely to suffer from fluid retention. In addition, the lack of a food balance that maintains adequate nutrition for the body may also be responsible for this problem.

Another very recurrent cause is in the case of people with gluten and lactose intolerance . When consuming these foods, the person becomes swollen for some time and still suffers from other symptoms such as malaise and diarrhea. To check this cause, it is necessary to do a medical examination and, if proven, start a new diet that does not contain unwanted substances for the body.

Pear tea

Betting on the diuretic properties of fruits is a great option for those who want to reduce swelling. A pear tea can easily solve the problem, as the fruit helps a lot to end the fluid retention in the body.

In addition, the pear is a fruit rich in minerals , vitamin C , fiber and potassium , which still allows for greater nutrition of the body. Consume every day and don’t forget to drink plenty of water and reduce your salt intake.

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How to prepare :

  • Cut four pears into small pieces;
  • Put them in a pan with a liter of water;
  • Bring to a boil over low heat for 20 minutes;
  • Drink little by little during the day.

How to stop the swelling:

Anyone who suffers a lot from this problem needs to find out what the main cause is, as it may be an irregular diet or a more serious problem. If you have an intolerance to gluten and do not know, for example, you can solve the problem as soon as you cut this substance from your diet.

So, see a specialist if you are suspicious that the problem may be more serious than the simple retention of fluids in the body . The sooner you discover the cause, the better it will be if you need to do any specific treatment. However, if your problem is really fluid retention, some actions can easily stop the swelling and still improve the quality of life. (Teas that fight fluid retention)

Consuming diuretic teas is an excellent way to reduce swelling and still keep yourself more nourished. However, all food needs to be rethought, especially the consumption of daily fluids. Make a self-assessment on the amount of water you drink each day and strive for new habits.

See what you can avoid and end swelling permanently:

  • Eat little and several times a day: eating a lot at a meal is more likely to cause bloating than eating small amounts in short periods of time.
  • Drink two liters of water a day: the importance of water and the recommendation of health professionals should not be ignored. Keeping the body hydrated does away with any fluid retention.
  • Do an aerobic activity: physical inactivity can cause various diseases in the body and contribute to the swelling. By doing an aerobic activity you reduce the abdomen, release stress and keep your health up to date. (Know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises)

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  • Avoid sodas: foods that cause gas are to blame for discomfort and bloating often. In addition, drinking sodas too often is highly harmful to health.
  • Abuse diuretic foods: have fruits on your menu and consume during the main meals of the day. (List of diuretic foods that help fight bloating)
  • Eat slowly: chewing your food well is essential, so never eat in a hurry or anxiety. Swallowing food quickly helps increase swelling and may even cause indigestion.
  • Don’t forget the salad: even if you don’t like it very much, it is important to add greens and vegetables in the main meals of the day. Avoid consuming very fatty foods and, for lighter meals, consume various types of salad. Select the ones you like best and make an effort to eat the vegetables that don’t feel like it.


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