League of Legends Wild Rift cheats for Android and iPhone

LoL had been enjoying great success on PC for years. It seemed impossible to get the same result on mobile devices , but Wild Rift has achieved it by perfectly adapting the mechanics of the MOBA par excellence.


  1. Train before facing rivals
  2. Choose the best champion
  3. Kill Baron Nashor
  4. Win in the lane of the Dragon or Duo
  5. Use the shield minions
  6. Always check the final statistics

Winning is not a piece of cake in this game, far from it. On the contrary, League of Legends Wild Rift is one of the most competitive titles for mobile . Fortunately, we put at your disposal a series of tricks that, if applied, will facilitate PVP confrontations.

Train before facing rivals

If you are a beginner, do not engage directly in online battles. The best thing to do is to participate in the tutorial and then put into practice a trick that simply consists of playing several games facing the machine.

The AI ​​in this game is very well worked, with the difference that it provides you with an adjusted difficulty curve . That is to say, the complications are increasing little by little so that you internalize all the mechanics of the MOBA.

So, in order to get off to a good start in League of Legends Wild Rift, play as many games as you want against Artificial Intelligence . So you can start your online journey with more wins than losses.

This will also be given by the knowledge that you will acquire not only of the mechanics, but also of the maps themselves . Each scenario is different, so figuring out where the key elements are is essential if you want to be competitive.

Choose the best champion

There is a widespread belief – and totally wrong – that it is summarized in thinking that certain champions are better than others. Nothing is further from reality. In this sense the game is very well balanced .

Therefore, a trick that you have to apply  is to choose the one that you think the most can adapt to the style of play that you usually translate in battle scenarios. This is something very subjective and that you will only discover by testing the different champions: there are those that require a lot of agility in the hands, and others that do not require ‘spamming’ or using skills very often.

In any case, all champions are dysfunctional if you don’t bond with your teammates. Therefore, whatever your choice is, make sure to match the members that are part of your team. Only then will you be able to win , regardless of the characters you have chosen.

Kill Baron Nashor

Although the main objective is to destroy the Nexus of your adversaries, you cannot ignore other actions that can greatly benefit you . One of them is to liquidate the character known by the name of Baron Nashor.

Teamwork is essential to defeat it and, of course, to gain the various benefits it provides . More experience and amount of gold will be provided to you, giving a little more to that gamer that gives the grace to this creature so spectacular in visual terms.

Of course, you will also have more attack , as well as power in general. It is for this reason that it is convenient to go for it when the purple hue points you to the exact location where Baron Nashor is.

Win in the lane of the Dragon or Duo

It does not matter how the battle has gone until then, since it is likely that he will end up deciding in the lane of the Dragon. If you empathize well with a shooter and you choose a champion to support him – and vice versa – you’ll have a better chance of succeeding in the action-packed clashes that take place there.

Despite the fact that many times we do not want to take the role of support, if someone is ahead of you and you have no choice but to do support, use the champions intended for this purpose, as it is a fairly common mistake to believe that another shooter or ‘adc ‘may work well. 90% of the time it won’t work .

2 vs 2 PVP battles usually occur . If the collaboration between team members is already key during the entire game, in these moments its importance is increased. Help your partner whenever you can.

Use the shield minions

Nobody likes to take a lot of damage in League of Legends Wild Rift, which can happen if you go high on the maps. It is better that the minions go ahead of you , whatever lane it is.

In this way, if you reach an area protected by towers, they will proceed to damage these creatures without being the one who sees their health bar reduced. This way you will know what exactly awaits you later, being able to prepare in advance.

Always check the final statistics

League of Legends Wild Rift should be taken as a sports game, in the sense that statistics take on great importance. Don’t just celebrate a victory or sympathize with defeat.

Even if you have won, there are probably certain areas where you need to improve in order to achieve looser wins. Of course, if your team has been defeated, all the more so you will have to know where you have failed.

In both cases, the statistics that the game itself produces at the end of each game are crucial. Check all the data to find out where you should improve. The title is not short on showing your lack of cooperation if you have not collaborated too much with the team, so rate it appropriately to be more useful in future battles.


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