Last Day on Earth: Survival – Smuggler’s Camp

A detailed guide to the Smuggler’s Camp event in Last Day on Earth: Survival

One of the latest events to appear in Last Day on Earth: Survival is Smuggler’s Camp. It appears on the game world map and allows you to visit the camp for 24 hours. In this task, you will need to protect the perimeter of the camp from several attacking waves of zombies, while Johnny opens the containers that contain the loot.

There are three difficulty levels – on the one hand, the harder event is more difficult to complete, but on the other hand, you get a more valuable reward.

Recommended information

Before starting this quest, I highly recommend that you bring along additional weapons, medications, and armor for your companion and yourself. It would also be very helpful to bring along ten wires, 15 bolts and five bearings, which will come in handy for repairing the turret – trust me, it will come in handy!

Main gate

To start defending the camp, go to the location indicated on the map and find an area fenced with a barbed wire fence, which is also supplied with electricity. Do not stand near, otherwise you will receive damage. To go inside, look for giant doors and interact with them. There is a turret in the center – don’t worry, it won’t attack you. Instead, you can repair it to help eliminate the oncoming zombies.

There will also be two characters – Johnny and Tom. Johnny will issue a quest in which Tom will support you in battle. Interact with him to take advantage of the opportunity to share equipment and weapons with Tom. It is also recommended to provide him with first aid kits or other healing aids.

As soon as you feel ready to start the quest, then talk to Johnny. In the dialog box that appears, select the difficulty – you are not limited to one playthrough. You can complete all three difficulties in any order. The difference between each mode is the additional amount of time during which you need to defend the base, as well as stronger enemies. When you talk to Johnny, he will go to the container of your choice and begin to open it. In the meantime, you and Tom will have to defend the door.

We pass the clothes to Tom

Defending the Smuggler’s Camp

Head to the gate to begin defending the smugglers’ camp. A swarm of zombies will attack you and Tom. Do your best to destroy them, preventing them from getting inside. If they manage to reach Johnny, the quest will fail. If Tom is close to death, he will try to escape from the location. If he succeeds, he will disappear along with all the items that you gave him. If you leave the area and return, Tom will reappear.

Conversation with Johnny

Above the container Johnny opens, there will be a filling bar indicating how close you are to completing the quest. Tom will not attack zombies until they actually cross the goal line.

Zombies will attack in waves, so you should have a little pause to change weapons if required. There is also a possibility of an additional wave of zombies appearing after Johnny opens the container.

Once the waves stop, return to Johnny and talk to him to complete the quest. He will thank you and tell you that you can collect the contents of the open container. Collect all the loot. If you want, you can return to Johnny and go through the quest again, choosing one of the two remaining difficulties. The same is in the third case.

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