Laparoscopic gastric banding: an excellent ally against obesity

Have you ever heard of Gastric Bandig? Find out what it is together with our expert in General Surgery in Bologna , Prof. Francesco Domenico Capizzi!

Laparoscopic gastric banding: what is it?

Laparoscopic gastric banding surgery is part of bariatric surgery and is indicated in patients with a Body Mass Index greater than 40 (in some cases it can also be performed with an BMI of 35).

Laparoscopic banding: an adjustable and reversible surgery

Laparoscopic banding is an adjustable operation thanks to a ring called “Lap Band” which, positioned in the upper part of the stomach, is connected to a small tank located in the subcutaneous fat. The surgery generally lasts less than an hour and involves two days of hospitalization, does not require stitches on the stomach and, compared to gastroplasty, is totally reversible (the ring can be removed by laparoscopy).

What does postoperative consist of?

Following the intervention, the power supply is restored immediately. Once discharged, the patient will be prescribed a diet to follow for four weeks and, after about a month, it will be possible to start again to prefer solid foods, always in small bites and chewing slowly. As appropriate, the specialist will inform the patient about the checks to be performed.

What Results Can We Expect From Laparoscopic Banding?

From the first month it will be possible to clearly notice the loss of body weight, which will lead to an improvement in physical mobility.

Prof. Capizzi, what advice would you like to give to patients who undergo this surgery?

  • Eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and do not eat outside main meals;
  • Don’t be in a hurry during meals, remember to take small bites, chew well and enjoy the taste of food;
  • Drink slowly and not excessively during meals, prefer hydration during the day and avoid energy and carbonated drinks;
  • Prefer solid foods;
  • Avoid sweets;
  • Stop eating as soon as the feeling of satiety occurs;
  • Gradually increase relationship life and physical activity.

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