Language Analysis of The Great Gatsby

The piece didn’t receive instant applause after it was published. However, it would later become the most read US novel. A vast range of audiences love it.

As years went by, it has had massive impacts on many generations. It has proved to be a masterpiece and an all-time bestseller. You’ll find a huge number of The Great Gatsby essays at PapersOwl. It focuses on a man named J. He lives a flashy lifestyle that most individuals admire. However, the millionaire is obsessed with Daisy, a fashionable woman. She is very popular among military soldiers because of her partying.


The title has impressed many critics with its literary tools such as metaphors and diction and emphasizes the need for specific events in this piece. The author uses highly descriptive speech to make readers feel like they’re in the passage in the novel.

Fitzgerald’s use of different metaphors sometimes engages all 5 senses in a single part. For instance, the stage at the end of the book when Nick sits on the beach analyzing his movements since moving to New York. You’ll see the regions of East Egg and West Egg near Long Island in the novel. The area is known for being prosperous in the Jazz Era after WW1.

F. S. uses diction, tone, and diction to voice how Nick – N – perceives the world around him. In this piece, Nick’s way of speech is repetitive to display Tom Buchanan and Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker’s lives.

One might think these people live an ideal and awesome lifestyle, but Fitzgerald’s articulation shows how far this is from the truth.

The Literary Devices

Readers can notice many devices in this publication. We’ve discussed them below:

  • Action – The main action revolves around Jay Gatsby, who is yearning to win the affection of the lady. He takes the blame for the accident of Myrtle Wilson and faces certain consequences like George Wilson taking his life. The peak of the action is when Gatsby and Daisy reunite. The falling action is witnessed when he dies.
  • Cast – The novel has both dynamic and static characters. NK is a young narrator who represents dynamics. He sees the situation and views his loved ones and friends from a bigger perspective. His opinions keep changing throughout the novel. However, someone like Gatsby doesn’t change and remains a static character.
  • Imagery – This is the use of images in the novel. The author uses senses of sight, sound, and hearing.
  • Metaphor – The title uses a vast range of metaphors. For instance, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” This metaphor compares existence to a voyage.
  • Mood – Readers will notice a serious mood that depicts vapidity and pessimism and how useless riches are. The mood changes to somber at how ugly the Valley of Ashes is. When he dies, the mood becomes sad.
  • Rhetorical Questions – The writer uses a lot of rhetorical questions throughout the copy. For example, ‘Who wants to go to town?’ demanded D insistently. The question shows her use of a rhetorical question that she doesn’t want to answer.
  • Theme – A novel’s theme is the main idea the writer or novelist focuses on. It features the American Dream, mortality, class, and society. It also depicts the impacts of wealth or riches and loneliness.
  • Irony – It shows irony in a big way. Although most people want to be like the main guy, and he’s the center of attention during parties, only one person attends his funeral. Another ironic situation is that Gatsby is shy when meeting his love interest, although he is very successful. Although he can get any other woman, he is taken by her and can do anything for a relationship with her.

Other devices include symbols, simile, symbolism, paradox, protagonist, personification, foreshadowing, hyperbole, climax, conflict, allusion, and allegory. All of them have massive importance in the copy.


Nick Carraway – NK – occasionally uses terms like spectroscopic, meretricious, and somnambulatory in his narration. These words might be challenging and obscure to some readers. However, it will be a great buy for those planning to build a home library and stock it with classics.  He studied at Yale, and one should understand his desire to write in a literary method. It also shows that his style is narrative and creative.

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Direct speech ensures that the reader is present when a scene in the title occurs.You will be witnessing a real conversation. N smartly crafts the direct address to invite readers to interpret the cast in a certain


N has created a written account of a moment passed – a chapter he remembers fondly.The word appears in the story to suggest a sense of remembrance and reflection. The author describes.Gatsby as an exceptionally graceful, stylish, important, and elegant show, and the flowing sentences in
the novel add to this impression.

However, the elevated, metaphoric narrative often creates an ironic contrast with their crude natures when talking about other people. Many of his descriptions have an undertone of mockery, with the most sympathetic, wistful passages reserved for Gatsby and lost innocence.

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