Lamio: 8 properties and benefits as a pelvic decongestant

Lamio is a plant more commonly called false nettle, being almost the same, but not stinging, it is part of the Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family,It is a spontaneous herb, which is commonly found in green areas and where there is abundant vegetation.

In this plant it has trpvare different active ingredients, including:

  • tannin
  • glucoside
  • mucilage
  • flavonoids
  • iridoids
  • saponins

The natural remedies and properties of the Lamio

The lamio plant is astringent, hemostatic, decongestant (especially at the pelvic level), sedative, expectorant (promotes the expulsion of bronchial secretions), normalizing sebaceous secretion, purifying (facilitates the elimination of impurities), tonic (strengthens the organism in general).

Find indications for problems affecting the pelvis as a pelvic decongestant (menopause, prostatic hypertrophy, disorders of the urogenital tract), with lavage and / or vaginal irrigations in case of leucorrhea, metrorrhagia and dysmenorrhea. Thanks to its digestive activity, it is good in case of irritation of the gastric mucosa, sense of fullness and flatulence .

Useful for making gargles against inflammation of the oral cavity and throat.

This era is effective in facilitating the functions of renal and digestive elimination of uric acid, revealing itself also interesting against gout .

The use of the lamio in the kitchen

Its leaves can be used raw in salads or boiled and seasoned, even with other similar vegetables, or to make herbal teas.

As always and for all things do not overdo the assumption.

In DTC (and MTC): nature – cold; taste – bitter, acid; organ tropism – liver, lung, kidney, stomach.
Calm the Fire of the Liver, tones the Yin and Blood of the Liver , purifies and refreshes the Blood bringing its positive action to gynecological and urinary levels.

The Lamio is indicated for sleep and climacteric disorders, cystitis, metrorrhagia, leucorrhoea, varicose veins. In folk medicine it is used as an expectorant in respiratory diseases, it has essentially Yin refrigerant action on the constitution Legno and its gynecological manifestations. Energetically it has an action on the constitution Wood (Yang).

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