Know the factors that cause sexual disorders

Sexual disorder is a condition in which a person chooses an unnatural sex object.

For example, choosing animals, corpses, young children as sex objects, or being hurt during sex.

This disorder is acquired since childhood. It could be from the social environment, due to trauma, or genetic disorders.

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An opinion was put forward by Susan Noelen Hoeksema in her book Abnormal Psychology.

He said that sexual deviant behavior was 90% more common in men.

However, when researchers tried to prove this by examining the hormone testosterone or other hormones that are thought to cause deviant sexual behavior, the results were inconsistent.

This means that it is unlikely that deviant sexual behavior is caused by abnormalities in male sex hormones or other hormones.

The cause, it seems, has more to do with an outlet of aggressive urges or hostility, which are more likely in men than in women.

Other causes that are thought to lead to deviant sexual behavior are drug and alcohol abuse.

Certain drugs allow a person with the potential for deviant sexual behavior to release fantasies without hindrance to consciousness.

The environmental, family and cultural factors in which a child is raised influence their sexual behavior.

Children whose parents often receive physical punishment and have aggressive sexual contact are more likely to become sexually aggressive and impulsive towards others as they grow up.

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One study also showed that four out of five pedophiles have experienced sexual abuse in childhood.

Another thing that also causes sex deviation is genetic disorders, which are disorders caused by conditions when the child is in the womb and genetic formation.

Sexual abnormalities can also occur as a result of trauma. There are various causes of trauma and it is difficult to know, because the sufferer may not know what traumatized him.

For example, the experience of seeing parents having sexual relations as a child. Because he does not understand things related to it, wrong perceptions will haunt him.

Because it is difficult to find the cause of trauma, therapy does not look for the cause, but looks for a way out.

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The impact of sexual disorders due to environmental factors and trauma is different from those due to genetic factors.

People with sexual disorders due to genetic factors are more difficult to cure. However, sufferers due to environmental factors are easier to cure.


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