Know the side effects of lemon for health

Lemon is often a popular fruit when choosing a natural juice, eating a fish or seasoning a salad.

Despite bringing a number of benefits such as being antioxidant , rich in vitamin C and fighting cancers and tumors , the fruit also has some side effects that need to be known .

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But as we well know, nothing in excess is good, and this is true even for foods that have many benefits, such as lemon.

Then it was time to learn a little more about the side effects that this fruit can cause on your health :

• Stomachache

Consuming a lot of lemon juice in a single day can contribute to your stomach pain – that is, avoid any suggestions of “ lemon diet or lemon juice ” that you see around.

This is because it is a naturally citrus fruit, which causes the stomach to remain acidic for a long time when consumed in excess.

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The result? Irritation of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and consequent stomach pain.

• Reflux

Also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, this disorder is caused by very acidic or spicy foods.

Those who already suffer from reflux and abuse the consumption of lemon can irritate the lining of the esophagus and stomach, worsening the symptoms of the disease.

Nausea , heartburn and vomiting , sore throat and chest pain are the characteristic symptoms of GERD.

Reflux can also be a sign that your stomach is very acidic, indicating that you should be careful with foods with this content.

• Headaches and migraines

Headaches can also plague those who consume lemon in large quantities.

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It is usually a secondary consequence, the result of heartburn, stomach pain or even reflux itself.

But it can also be caused by the amino acid tyramine – present in lemon – which increases blood flow to the brain abruptly.

• Ulcers

It is not just stomach pain that can affect those who abuse lemon consumption. If you continue to ignore the pain and do not address the cause – the fruit consumed in excess – you may end up developing an ulcer.

The lemon can make your stomach very acidic, which irritates the lining of the organ and causes small wounds – ulcers.

• Caries

As much as you were surprised to read this, yes, lemon can cause cavities!

Even if you have your brushing up to date and take perfect care of your teeth.

The fact that the fruit is very acidic causes the enamel of the teeth to be damaged and even lost – citric and ascorbic acid can dissolve this protection – leaving them vulnerable to stains and cavities and even problems such as gingivitis.

• Accelerated heart rate

When lemon is combined with other foods such as ginger it can cause an increase in heart rate.

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This can become a major problem for hypertensive people who may end up having a heart attack due to the fast heartbeat.

• Kidney stones

It is common when making juices with aromatic waters that you put the lemon in the skin and everything. Unlike fruits like oranges, we hardly remove the peels from this fruit.

The problem is that the lemon peel contains large amounts of oxalates, which prevent the absorption of calcium by the body.

And when our body does not absorb something it eliminates it along with toxins. The unabsorbed calcium solidifies inside the kidneys and thus forms the dreaded stones – which cause not only disorders but also severe pain.

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• Increased problems during pregnancy

Excessive consumption of lemon juice during pregnancy can harm not only the expectant mother but also her baby.

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Stomach pains , heartburn , nausea , diarrhea and indigestion are among the problems that lemon can cause for pregnant women.

Some of these cause the expectant mother to eat less and thus damage her immune system or become dehydrated by the loss of fluids.

• Burns and stains

Widely used to season food and even for aesthetic treatments, care must be taken in these cases.

The reason? Exposing yourself to the sun after coming in contact with the lemon – either through food seasoning or aesthetic treatments – can cause burns and spots on the skin.

So the ideal is to take your hands well after handling this fruit and even apply a moisturizer on your hands.

In the case of aesthetic treatments, avoiding exposure to the sun is the best alternative for not suffering from burns and stains.

• Increased iron absorption

If you are deficient in iron in your blood, lemon can be very helpful in solving this problem. Now if the levels of this nutrient are normal in your metabolism, you need to be careful.

This is because the fruit causes an increase in iron absorption that can lead to diseases such as iron overload or hemochromatosis .

To avoid the problem it is best to consume the fruit in moderation.

• Frequent visits to the bathroom

Due to the high content of vitamin C in lemon, it is a natural diuretic.

In summary, when consumed in excess, mainly in the form of juice, the fruit increases your desire to go to the bathroom to urinate.

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On the one hand, something positive, as it encourages you to drink more fluids during the day, on the other hand, quite uncomfortable and embarrassing because you have to visit the bathroom every 10 minutes!


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