How to know if he loves me: 8 questions to find out

“How do you know if he loves me?” When it comes to love, everyone has some doubts, especially when it comes to feelings that are not ours. The partner has a mind of his own that — unfortunately or fortunately — you can’t read, and that can make you feel insecure. Does he say what he really feels? Is it being true?

At those times, don’t lose your mind! I’m here with some questions to help you. Reflect on each one calmly and understand whether it is love or not.

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How do you know if he loves me?

1. Have you noticed his attitudes and gestures?

Small attitudes and gestures say more than all words could speak. Often, actions are those that demonstrate true feelings. Can he recognize whether you are worried or upset? Does he care about protecting you when you walk down the street? Ask if you want something when you go to the kitchen? Question about any scratches or bruises you have?

Attitudes like these demonstrate his attention and concern for you more effectively than if he gave a speech in your honor. And let’s agree that most men have an easier time demonstrating that they love you with attitudes than with words.

2. Is he committed to you?

Being committed is another sign that he cares about you. Being attentive and calling what you want to do are ways for him to show that he is interested in your tastes. And sacrificing some wills for the commitments you have is a subtle but powerful way of showing that he is really interested in what makes you happy.

For example: he stops watching a football game to see a movie – which he doesn’t even want to see – at the cinema with you. If he’s really cracked on that football team, is there a better way for him to show that he loves you even more? And you can also be more reasonable in your desires and show an interest in what he likes too. How about agreeing to watch a football game of his team in exchange for the movie?

3. Does he show “I love you” on a daily basis?

Love is not always just in words. Saying “I love you” does not guarantee that he loves you. If he says, great! If he doesn’t say it, ask yourself the reasons: he may be as insecure as you, he may be afraid of rejection, he may be fear related to something more serious between you …

Are you too flustered, pressing you to say things like that? Isn’t he supposed to talk a lot about his feelings? Also, do not force him to say and demonstrate everything he feels, as this can only make him close more – if not startle him for good! Let it happen naturally, just like you do.

The important thing is to realize from his attitudes, as we mentioned earlier, how much he cares about you and esteems you. As the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. And here is a tip I have already given in other posts: the man feels motivated when he is encouraged. Did you notice that he had an attitude just to please you? Acknowledge his effort. So he starts to loosen up more and the relationship becomes more natural and sincere.

4. Does he seek to talk to you?

Does he show interest in meeting you and showing you what he likes? This search to talk to you so that they understand each other is a way of showing that he is interested in you in a special way. If only you look for him by messages or phone calls, be aware: he may not be feeling what you think he is.

5. Does he try to be close?

Is he always finding a reason to see you, and not just chat at a distance? Does he overcome any obstacle, physical or emotional, just so he can say hi or kiss you? This interest in seeing you is certainly a great proof of love.

6. Does he say “we” when he plans something?

Another question that can help you answer “how to know if he loves me”: is his vocabulary increased with more “us” than “me” and / or “you”? So that can say that he really loves you and really cares about you! This is one of the ways – often unconscious – of showing you as a couple – of course there must be balance too, after all, each one remains an individual. He plans things with you, and without your company it would be as if a piece is missing.

Is there anything more beautiful in love than that? This desire to be together, to want to be complete? Being in love is really an overwhelming feeling and it is a delight to live this moment …

7. Does he show jealousy and insecurity?

Jealousy and insecurity, in general, are characteristic of the fear of losing you. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t have that kind of feeling. If balanced, they can even make the relationship more stabilized!

So, look at those aspects that way. Just be careful not to become an unhealthy situation, where the limits of common sense are not exceeded. A healthy relationship is made of sincerity and balance, there is no point in hiding your feelings – from either side!

8. Are you insecure?

If you answered yes to all the previous questions, the problem may be here. Your insecurity may be making you short-sighted for your sweetheart’s love. How about taking a deep breath and reflecting on your relationship and yourself? He can love you more than you think! And think about the following too: would you like him to ask you if you love him in the same way and in the same amount as you do?

So, turn the focus a little bit on yourself. You have certainly heard of self-love. It is extremely important, not only for your own growth, but for your relationship as well! After all, how can you be loved if you don’t even love yourself?

I know it’s not easy to understand all of these signs – and we often get confused with what we think we know and see, don’t we? But, for a healthy relationship, always invest in a good dialogue, with tenderness and patience. In order for him to show his love, he also needs to feel loved. Not superficially, but with all your heart.


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