How to know if he loves me: 8 questions to find out

After the whole process of conquest , comes the beginning of the relationship and those first obstacles.

And for us women, one of the biggest is to know what our partners are really feeling. “How to know if he loves me” is usually a phrase that comes to mind when the relationship starts to evolve.

But men are usually more closed about their feelings, which only contributes to our confusion, isn’t it?

That’s why I created this post! Today I will show you:

  • The signs you should pay attention to are how to know if he loves me;
  • A video with some curiosities about men to better understand what is going on in their heads;
  • What are the signs that the relationship is not going well.

What you have to know beforehand is that men and women show their feelings differently. But that some evidence of them is enough to decipher whether they love you or not.

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How do you know if he loves me? 

1. Does he speak well of you? 

If he praises you, is proud of you, of your achievements and decisions, it is a good indication that he really has strong feelings towards you. But don’t think that he will necessarily tell you all this.

Of course, we would love to hear it all the time, but men are more reserved and so they can share those compliments with friends, family or co-workers.

2. Does he hear you?

Not only be there when you speak, but listen carefully. You can verify this if he looks at you while you speak, if he comments on what you said, if he gives you consistent opinions.

This, in fact, is a great way for good communication in your relationship.

3. Does he give up things for you? 

I want to make it very clear that it is important for men and women to maintain independence throughout a relationship, but when one of those involved gives up some things (like quirks, going out with friends) it is a sign that he cares about you and wants to see you happy.

4. Do you admire your body less and more what you are? 

Assess whether he pays more attention to the things you say, his stories and opinions and less to how you are wearing.

Does your appearance count for him a lot?

5. Do his decisions include you?

Sharing decisions – be they as simple as what they will make for dinner as complex as a possible job change – is an excellent indication that your partner wants and is including you in his life.

That is, that he loves you.

6. Does he plan ahead with you?

Whether small, medium or long term. Making plans is showing that you care enough about someone to make a point of them in your life.

7. Does he share weaknesses with you? 

Men hardly like to talk about their weaknesses, because many feel vulnerable in this way.

By sharing his doubts, fears and failures with you, it shows that your partner feels comfortable and trusts you.

8. Does he want to make you happy?

A person who loves wants, above all, to see the other person happy.

If he accompanies you on the programs you want to do, if he tries hard to surprise you, if he is affectionate, safe! Chances are great that he really loves you.

Develop an attractive personality, take care of your self-esteem and learn from mistakes to move on and search for the next relationship in the right way!

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The signs that he may not be so interested in you

Now that I’ve shown you some signs of good news, there are others that can alert you that something is not going well in your relationship. “How to know if he loves me” can also have a negative answer …

For example:

  • He does not respect you, nor your opinions;
  • He doesn’t care about your feelings;
  • He is closed or angry about everything;
  • He runs away from events with family or friends;
  • Their lives are increasingly separated.

6 things you need to know about men

In years of talking to women and about relationships, I have realized that one of the big problems is understanding that men and women think and express themselves differently.

It may seem obvious, but some people forget about it and make charges that are not very consistent. “How to know if he loves me” is one of the biggest questions of women in all types of relationships. In this video I give six tips that will help you a lot to decipher some signals that it gives you:

What we need to make clear here is that love is a process of construction. It is not because the two of you have been in a consolidated relationship for some years that you can let go of doing some essential things.

Praise, affection and surprises are part of the relationship from start to finish. Taking care of appearance helps a lot, but it is not the main thing.

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