Do you know the benefits of an Eco / Bio diet?

Many people still do not know this type of food very well. Don’t worry, we came to work as a team, since you know that “unity is strength”. We make things easy for you and we all help the  environment together. Combined?

In addition, we are increasingly aware of the care for our health and the planet and that is why the phrase “we are what we eat” is increasingly important in society. Will you join the #EcoFriendly side with us?

What are eco / bio products? 

In case there is a stray in the room, we explain with the words of the DPLP (Priberam Dictionary of the Portuguese Language): it is a product that was made without damage to the environment, human health and the well-being of animals and plant health.

However, only products that strictly comply with the production rules legally established in EU Regulation 2018/848 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2018 on organic production and the labeling of organic products can be labeled as organic and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007, Article 3 (2).

Benefits for the environment

1.- Greater protection of wildlife and waters .

Pesticides of organic origin do not produce nitrate in the form of residues, which cause water contamination. Let the fish live happily!

2.- They take care of the land .

Thanks to the use of organic fertilizers and crop rotation, these products contribute to the conservation of the environment and prevent contamination of the land and its desertification.

3.- Stop climate change.

Choosing organic products implies a reduction in the percentage of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. However, we are in time to halt climate change!

4.- They respect animals .

They favor the growth and development of animals in greater freedom. Respecting their natural growth rate, we have achieved improvements in their quality of life and in the products we consume.

Benefits for us

1.- Promote Fair Trade .

Local farmers and ranchers who use traditional and environmentally friendly practices gain market opportunities compared to large companies.

2.- Do they have better  nutritional value ?

We have come to the great debate. We all know someone who says to us: “Well, the oranges in my garden … (any family member who has an orchard is valid) is the best”. We don’t know very well how to continue the conversation, but we ended up closing an orange grove agreement to supply us.

The truth is that we still cannot answer: there are not many studies that have reached closed conclusions, but the data obtained indicate that, in biological products, the water content is lower. So there could be a higher concentration of nutrients and antioxidants, but again, there is no study to support it.


Do you know the difference between eco, bio, organic and sustainable products?

  1.  Ecological products : develop all stages of growth and production in nature, without artificial intervention and without damaging the environment or animals.
  2.  Biological products : do not contain any genetically modified components.
  3.  Organic products : no chemical process is carried out to optimize their development.
  4. Sustainable products : they can be kept for a long time without depleting resources or causing serious damage to the environment.

Variety of biological products that exist

Nowadays, we have a wide range of organic products, including: cereals, flour, pasta, chocolate, meat, fish, dairy products, wines 


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