Know the advantages and disadvantages of changing jobs frequently

Gone are the times when people used to stick to the same job for a long time. Now the trend of changing jobs has increased rapidly among young workers. But is changing jobs repeatedly right for your career? Let us tell you today.

You have just started work somewhere and you have a good offer from elsewhere, will you go there? Often we always wonder whether changing jobs too soon will not have a bad effect on our career.

According to HR manager Preeti Chauhan, in some cases the decision to change jobs quickly proves to be correct. This gives you a chance to learn new squills and also strengthens your network in the industry. Also, sometimes salary increases and in addition to changing jobs, you are able to find the right position for you, which gives you complacency, but there are some disadvantages of constantly changing jobs, which is very important to keep in mind.

If you want to leave the job early, then keep these things in mind

May miss promotion
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Despite changing jobs many times, it is not easy to reach your desired position. You may not realize that changing your job too soon may affect your career, but the truth is that it may also raise questions about loyalty towards your company. Some hiring managers tend to avoid giving you a responsible position because of your habit of changing jobs and as a result, you do not get the benefit of changing the job nor do you get the benefit of promotion. Even if you are recruited, the company fears when will you leave? Also, a large salary budget is also associated with a large position. In such a situation, companies cannot take a risk by imposing a big budget on the person who has no guarantee of staying in the company.

Companies avoid giving jobs to jobseekers: Not only hiring managers but many recruiters are also afraid that if you are able to appoint a candidate who is accustomed to change jobs quickly on a big position of the company Who will handle big projects in between? People who are long on a job are considered responsible and more successful and they also prove to be beneficial for the company, whereas, the company relies less on people who change jobs quickly.

Every job will have to start afresh: Every job has a different vacancy and you have to mold yourself accordingly. When you hold on to a job for a long time, then you understand your responsibilities about that position and the company better than you, but if you do not stay in a company for a long time or months, then every time you get a new environment and work. Has to mold itself in the environment. This hampers career advancement.

However, why you want to change the job depends on the reason behind it. There are some reasons why changing jobs will not be wrong for you. Like, the company where you are doing the job could not give you what was promised. Many times due to not getting the desired increment or promotion, you also have to take a decision to change the job or it cold be that you could not get the growth you had thought for yourself in the company. In such a situation, if you have been in the company for more than two years, then your decision to leave the job can be proved right. Also, if you apply for any new position, then you are very hopeful of getting good offers from other companies and you will remain in profit.

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