Kit to welcome employees after isolation

You may already be wondering about what it will be like when we leave the house again, what it will be like to recover the routine, stay away from the children again, away from home, returning to live less with family and more with colleagues.

We don’t know when or how it will happen, if we will return gradually, still with extreme care or if things will get lighter. There is no way to know, but we will have to adapt, once again, to another scenario that we were not used to.

All changes generate resistance, some people suffer more than others, but we all feel impacts with them, even more with those that interfere in a large part of our routine.

Therefore, the return to circulation in society and to the company’s dependencies must already be planned, because, different from the pandemic, we can be prepared for this return, trying to predict possible scenarios.

As always, we try to get ahead of ourselves here on the blog with campaign suggestions, so we separated some ideas for the reception of employees and the “new normal” in the return of social isolation, and we are optimistic that this will happen in the near future.

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Communication first of all

The reception of employees must start even before they actually return to the company. It is important to inform how things will happen in advance , always following the World Health Organization’s communications and following the guidelines of the authorities of your municipality and / or the state.

You can carry out this communication through the channels you are already using during the home office. It is important to make it clear how the return will happen, if there will be a relay, if people should still keep the recommended distance, what will be the working hours, the care that each person should take when leaving and returning home and any other information needed.

At this point you can also conduct a survey with employees to understand what are the main doubts, fears and concerns that they have related to returning to work.


On the day scheduled for the return, you can decorate the company with balloons and posters, to leave a more peaceful atmosphere for employees, even while maintaining care, it is important to avoid panic and anxiety.

A nice suggestion is to deliver a Welcome Kit to each employee, with a card, alcohol gel, masks, gloves (if necessary), information booklet answering the main questions of the questionnaire I suggested in the previous idea and even a chocolate or treat.

Along with the kit, it is important to deliver a statement from the company president welcoming him, showing his concern and support for all, reinforcing that the health care of the people who work in the company is essential.

It is important to have a moment with a speech by the president for everyone who is returning to work, a brief speech just to welcome and pass on the main information, which can even be on video. If possible, offer a breakfast to welcome everyone.

See examples of posters that you can distribute throughout the company:


Team integration

After a coffee and the reception with the company president, each team and department can meet, respecting the distance between people, to talk about the days of isolation, having a light and open conversation so that everyone can express how they are feeling after the period, what are your concerns and what do you expect from the company. The information can be noted down by leaders and then passed on to managers.

At this time, a dynamic can also be performed to strengthen the team’s ties. One suggestion is the dynamic Memoir Chart, which is available in our e-book 30 Dynamics to improve communication.

Dynamic Memories Board:

You will need: a whiteboard and markers.

How it happens: Divide the board into 3 categories, for example, “My first day” “Work trip” and “Team work”. Then ask each employee to share a memory about one of the categories and place words or drawings to represent this memory on the board.

Reinforcing information

It is important that information about hygiene and care is kept circulating throughout the company, therefore, in addition to the Kit, you can send a welcome email with the reinforcement of the information, put up posters on the wall boards and disseminate vignettes and information notes on the website. Corporate TV.

One of the options is to create a daily update bulletin , this can be an email, a message on the company’s social networks, or a video of the president on Corporate TV.

We created newsletter templates, posters and templates for Corporate TV and made available in the Kit at the end of the article, which you can download and use in your company.

Motivational campaigns

This is a time when employee motivation is shaken, we are going through difficult and uncertain times. Therefore, it is important to look for alternatives to reinforce the employee’s engagement with the company and resume motivation for the organization’s goals.

A good strategy is to reinforce the communication of the company’s Mission, Vision and Values and reconnect employees with these important issues. You can be inspired by some suggestions for actions in our article on this topic: Mission, Vision and Values ​​of a company – Concepts, examples and how to communicate .

Another action, to reinforce the importance and role of each employee in the company, is to highlight each function, each team . One way to do this is through a campaign in which each employee will share what they do on a daily basis.

You can do this action on any communication channel, on Corporate TV, for example, it can be done through a template like the example below.

Mental health campaigns

Another very important issue is the mental health of employees. It is necessary to cultivate respect for each person’s specific situation, as each person deals differently with the feelings and situations that happened and are still happening.

In this sense, the company can provide contacts of professionals , such as psychologists for support, carry out mindfulness practices, meditation, exercises, disseminate tips on how to keep calm and a healthy mind.

You can check some suggested actions in articles that we already published on the topic.

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Material Kit to welcome employees after isolation

To assist you in this challenging time, we have prepared a Free Materials Kit with templates that you can customize and use in your campaign. We hope optimistically that everything will return to normal as soon as possible.

When downloading the Kit you will have access to:

  • 9 A3 posters;
  • Welcome card template;
  • Information booklet;
  • Digital newsletter;
  • Images for Social Networks;
  • Templates for Corporate TV;

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