Kingston SSD XS2000 Review: portable and fast

In this article we are going to see the review of the Kingston XS2000 portable SSD. In the 500 GB cut this portable hard drive has managed to hit us on more than one occasion. Let’s find out why 

Kingston has always been one of the companies that stand out when it comes to storage. We are sure that anyone has at least one storage device signed by the Californian house.

With files growing out of proportion in quantity and size, storage space is never enough. Of course, you also need speed and robustness. To the qualities described above, add the possibility of exploiting a USB type C connection that offers us the possibility of interfacing with our smartphone and you will have the technological recipe of this Kingston SSD XS2000 .

The declared maximum transfer speed, also achievable thanks to a USB 3.2 Gen 2 × 2 connection , is 2,000 MB / s . In a nutshell, the premises for a great piece of Hardware are all there but let’s see how it came out of our tests.

Materials and design | Kingston SSD XS2000 review

Inside the package we find everything you need even something more. Once the package is opened we find a transparent plastic casing that shows us our SSD , the connection cable  and a rubber shell that promises to protect our portable hard disk from falls (up to two meters in height). it also boasts the IP55 protection class certification which guarantees its protection from ingress of dust and water jets. Obviously the protection just mentioned occurs only if the rubber shell is used.

The connection cable is perhaps a bit tight. If obviously it is perfect for connecting it to laptops or mobile devices, everything changes if you have to connect it to a TV or to the back of the desktop PC. Your Kingston SSD XS 2000 will hang inexorably.

The design is sober and functional. In fact, we find a chromed surface for the entire SSD which is interrupted only by a black strip that divides the body into two sections and by a notification LED immediately next to the USB-C socket.

The dimensions are 69.54 x 32.58 x 13.5mm . As for the cuts we have the possibility of having a memory equal to 500 GB (the model used for this review), 1 TB or 2TB .

The field test | Kingston SSD XS2000 review

Before entering the synthetic test phase, it was our concern to create a real field test. We took a folder containing about 500 files divided into about 50 different folders and transferred them (without any kind of compression) to our portable SSD. The total weight of the parent folder was approximately 50 GB . Everything was done in a truly enviable time . As the photo above shows, we spent less than two minutes transferring all the files.

CrystalDiskMark tests Kingston SSD XS2000

The next test was performed with CrystalDiskMark, to measure maximum theoretical sequential read / write performance with random data of various sizes.

Even during the synthetic tests the results were positive. In fact, as you can see from the test, we have a writing speed of 1028 MB / s, and 932 Mb / s in reading with 1GB files. Really optimal values ​​for an external SSD and such a small size

ATTODisk tests Kingston SSD XS2000

We then subjected the Kingston SSD XS2000 to the Atto Disk Benchmark software . One of the best tools available for measuring storage performance. Famous for being very reliable, it produces very accurate results.

With ATTO we can test building block sizes. So we can test with a sequence of 32MB of 4KB files, but also 32MB in 1MB files . Which is the most important and difficult task for any storage drive, which is to write very small files quickly.

Despite the complex test you can see how the values ​​are always optimal.

Who should buy this Portable SSD?

In conclusion, we can only congratulate Kingston for having churned out a solid HDD, small in size but also fast.

The certifications that characterize it also make it an excellent ally for the most daring photographers and why not ?! Even for the most careless people. The protective shell elevates it to the perfect travel companion and its small size makes it comfortable and pocketable.

The price (for the 500 GB version) is around 12 euros, although our advice is to get the 1 TB version which costs only about ten euros more. Of course, portable hard drives can be found on the market for less but the 5-year warranty (or until the file storage system lasts) and the historical mark are not negligible elements.

In short, if you want a fast, portable and reliable Hard Drive with this Kingston SSD XS2000 you have found it.

Kingston XS2000 Portable SSD 500G -SXS2000 / 500G

  • With USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 connectivity

120.00 EUR

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Points in favor

  • Small size and lots of speed
  • Water and dust protection certifications
  • Complete packaging …

Points against

  • … even if the connection cable is a bit tight.

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