Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the “Snake’s Nest” story mission in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Main plot

  • Prologue – Skalitsa
  • Subject quests in Ratai
  • Redhead between two fires
  • Inscrutable ways
  • On the trail
  • My buddy Peto
  • Snake’s nest
  • Questions and answers
  • All that glitters
  • If he is too tough for you
  • Poverty, chastity and obedience
  • Monastery and Vranik
  • Battle of Talmberg

Side quests

  • Ratae side quests
  • Side quests of Sazava and the monastery
  • Ledechko side quests
  • Talmberg side quests
  • Side quests Uzice
  • Merhoeda side quests
  • Other side quests
  • Side quests of the Sazava Monastery

Snake’s nest

The quest begins after the quest “My buddy Peto”. Pan Radzig asks Indro to infiltrate the bandit camp, find out useful information and try to sabotage something, which would simplify the upcoming attack. Agree.

Move towards the village of woodcutters. There is a path above their houses. Open the map and you will understand. Follow it to the fork where the ruined hut is. Follow the left path to the next – take the left turn again. At the third fork, take the left turn again. A narrow path will lead you to the camp of the Polovtsy and robbers. Look around, penetrate the territory and try to count the number of enemies.

I STRONGLY recommend poisoning food (by purchasing poison) and setting fire to arrows to reduce the number of archers. Archers are very nasty opponents who attack you on the sly.

Having done this, return to Pan Radzig and report everything. Say that you saw both robbers and Polovtsians, and that there are a lot of opponents. He will send you to Talmberg to see Pan Divish. Talk to him and ask for help. Say you are ready to fight (if you are really ready). Otherwise, you can sleep, gain strength and improve your equipment.

Combat strategy is very important, otherwise you will lose! To begin with, I want to say that there is no need to ask for trouble. Choose targets carefully – those opponents who are busy with your soldiers. Kill one by one. As soon as you make your way into the courtyard (rolling back the cart), then fight with the Polovtsy. Among them will be a commander – in an iron mask. Help your people defeat him.

After that there will be a short pause – four archers will appear at the exit from the courtyard, but three more are on the structure to the right of the passage. You can kill these archers if you want. But I advise you to spend this moment on collecting better Polovtsian equipment (they have good light and heavy armor!) And equip it all. This is the only opportunity to rethink your equipment, as if you are away from the archers, then the game thinks that you are out of combat.

If you want to kill archers, then use the bow. Hide behind the post, pull the string, get out and shoot.

After that, run up the slope to the church. Fight with a group of robbers who are much more formidable than the Polovtsians. There will be archers on the wall to the right. I would recommend hugging the wall and shooting enemies with a bow. At the wall, enemy archers will not shoot at you, and ordinary soldiers will take care of yours. If you don’t help, then in this part of the battle your soldiers will lose. Too much loss will lead to failure.

After you clear the area near the church, fight off other robbers while your guys break the gates. Again, stand near the wall and shoot enemies. As soon as the door is knocked down, a cut-scene will start, at the end of which you will find yourself at the top of the bell tower and fight one on one against the leader of the robbers. This is the same bully who beat you up in Skalitsa.

What follows from this? Take care of your HP supply !!! If suddenly there is little HP left, then you can act according to my tactics – use a bow. Run away from the leader, pull the string and fire. Pull another one on quickly, taking a few steps back at the same time. With three arrows, you will kill the enemy. Watch the cut-scene.


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