Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough (My Buddy Peto)

Detailed walkthrough of the story mission “My buddy Peto” in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Main plot

  • Prologue – Skalitsa
  • Subject quests in Ratai
  • Redhead between two fires
  • Inscrutable ways
  • On the trail
  • My buddy Peto
  • Snake’s nest
  • Questions and answers
  • All that glitters
  • If he is too tough for you
  • Poverty, chastity and obedience
  • Monastery and Vranik
  • Battle of Talmberg

Side quests

  • Ratae side quests
  • Side quests of Sazava and the monastery
  • Ledechko side quests
  • Talmberg side quests
  • Side quests Uzice
  • Merhoeda side quests
  • Other side quests
  • Side quests of the Sazava Monastery

My buddy Peto

Go to the mill and talk to Mirka. You can convince her to reveal Peto’s whereabouts using force or eloquence. There is another option – just ask a question to the peasants who are at the mill and one of them will say that Peto was hanging out here. Talk to Mirka again, choose the option according to which other people know about Peto. Follow Mirka behind the mill and talk about everything. So you will find out that Peto needs to be looked for near Merhojed.


Bandits will appear. You can give away Peto’s real whereabouts and then get the job. You can ask for money, cheat (at least 10 units of eloquence) or fight enemies. There are four of them, while they are strong enemies, so do not even try to fight!

Go to Peto’s habitat, talk to him. For persuasion by eloquence, at least seven units are required, strength – 13 … By the way, you can take the status, since for Peto this parameter is equal to one. Move to the camp nearby and report to your pan about what you have learned.

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