Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough (All That Glitters)

Detailed walkthrough of the story mission “On the Trail” in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Main plot

  • Prologue – Skalitsa
  • Subject quests in Ratai
  • Redhead between two fires
  • Inscrutable ways
  • On the trail
  • My buddy Peto
  • Snake’s nest
  • Questions and answers
  • All that glitters
  • If he is too tough for you
  • Poverty, chastity and obedience
  • Monastery and Vranik
  • Battle of Talmberg

Side quests

  • Ratae side quests
  • Side quests of Sazava and the monastery
  • Ledechko side quests
  • Talmberg side quests
  • Side quests Uzice
  • Merhoeda side quests
  • Other side quests
  • Side quests of the Sazava Monastery

All that glitters

You will receive the quest after you complete the previous task and talk about it with Pan Radzig. Go to the crossroads, through which the counterfeit pennies are being carried. It is just north of Rovna. Examine the carriage in which the coal was transported, and also examine the pool of blood to credit the completion of the goal.

Follow the path with bloodstains until you find yourself in the camp of coal burners. Chat with one of them, apply eloquence (literally two or three units are required) and find out that you need to talk to Borey – the man in the red hat who runs everything here. In a conversation with Borya, you will also have to use eloquence or force, but if it does not work out, then you will be forced to pay pennies.


Ask for a meeting with the wounded and Borya will give you the key. Look into the neighboring barn and talk to the man. Soon the same knight will appear. After the cut-scene, call the horse and ride after the knight. Knock him off his horse by taking out a sword and hitting him. Jump down and fight the enemy. When he surrenders, then do not rush to kill him! Talk and find out what the name of the warrior is Ulrich. He serves an unknown nobleman and, like Indro, investigates the production of counterfeit coins. Chat about everything. Ulrich will ask to deliver the letter to Tobiash Feyfar of Ratae, while he himself investigates some cases in Sazava. Agree to this or kill Ulrich (but in this case, you will lose an important part of the storyline).

Return to Ratai and chat with Tobiash Feyfar. He will tell you that you need to follow to the Sazava monastery, as there is a lot of mercury there. Move to the indicated place and in the tavern between Sazava and the monastery, find a fresco artist. Talk to him and learn that the assistant caretaker refuses to sell mercury for him.

This is what the assistant caretaker looks like

Go up to the caretaker’s office and examine it. But there is no evidence there. Talk to the caretaker – he will direct you to his assistant. We are talking about a guy in a yellow shirt, periodically pacing from the study to the monastery itself. You can convince him to talk about everything with a high level of eloquence or strength. If it doesn’t work, then look into the monastery (when entering the territory from the fast travel point, go up a little and look at the open door on the right), follow the left and find the stairs leading to the basement. There you will find traces of mercury, which you can tell the assistant about. He will give you the name of the knight Jezhek and his assistant Rapota. The assistant will also name the place where the mercury transfer takes place.


Chat with Ulrich in the tavern between Sazava and the monastery, and then talk to Tobiash Feyfar, who will roam Sazava in disguise. Now move to the local engraving workshop and talk to Master Jerome. Next, proceed to Sazava, ask the owner of the bathhouse about what happened because of Florian. She will tell you that an unknown villain kidnapped Esther, whose services Florian uses, and then conveyed that he should grow wiser. Go to the indicated place, look into the basement and chat with Florian. There are two options here – either you convince him, by eloquence or force, or you agree to save Esther first. In the second case, read the passage of the side quest “The Girl in Trouble”.

Return to Florian and report on the girl’s rescue. You will learn that Rapota is always watching him. Invite Florian to walk to the engraving workshop. Pay attention to those who follow him. Talk to Rapota – he will be wearing a yellow outfit. Decide what to do with him – kill him or keep him alive. Head to the tavern between Sazava and the monastery and tell Ulrich about everything. You will automatically move to Skalitsa to the mine.

Walk forward and find the entrance to the mine. Kill all the robbers, go inside and move forward until the cut-scene starts. Persuade Ulrich to keep Jezhek alive. To do this, you can use eloquence or force, having previously stated that he should not return to the Rojemberk. If you say you don’t give up, you’ll have to kill Ulrich.

Deliver Pan Jezhek back to Ratay, talk to Pan Radzig and follow to the lists to pick up the key to the dungeon from Centurion Bernard. Follow the marker, go down to the dungeon (entrance through the courtyard of the town hall) and chat with Pan Ezhek. Having found out everything, you can refuse or promise that you will put in a word to Pan Radzig. Talk to your pan and complete the quest. For this you will receive 175 groschen. At the same time, a new storyline mission will begin.


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