Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of the story mission “Inscrutable paths” in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Main plot

  • Prologue – Skalitsa
  • Subject quests in Ratai
  • Redhead between two fires
  • Inscrutable ways
  • On the trail
  • My buddy Peto
  • Snake’s nest
  • Questions and answers
  • All that glitters
  • If he is too tough for you
  • Poverty, chastity and obedience
  • Monastery and Vranik
  • Battle of Talmberg

Side quests

  • Ratae side quests
  • Side quests of Sazava and the monastery
  • Ledechko side quests
  • Talmberg side quests
  • Side quests Uzice
  • Merhoeda side quests
  • Other side quests
  • Side quests of the Sazava Monastery

Inscrutable ways

Return back to the stud farm and report to the centurion or your master about what you have learned. If you tell Pan, he will offer to visit Uzice and decide the fate of Lame yourself. Move to the indicated city, in the center, where the tavern is located, there is also the house of the priest (white) – Bogut’s father. Chat with him and find out where Lame lives.

Crowd at Lame House

Follow the marker and watch the cut-scene. Someone got ahead of you and dealt with Lame. Talk to everyone. The main thing is to interrogate Joseph, who will point out that Lame often saw Father Bogut. Return to him – try to convince him that he must tell the whole truth about Chrome. He will refuse (you are unlikely to have enough eloquence or intimidation skills). Nevertheless, the priest will offer to meet in the evening at the local tavern. Wait until eight o’clock in the evening and go to the inn. Chat with Father Bogut.

Bogut’s father lives here

Sit down at the table, tell the whole truth about yourself and take part in the booze. After long cut-scenes and some minor actions (fistfights, entertainment with maids) Father Bogut will ask to replace him during the sermon. Go to church, tell parishioners only good stories using eloquence. In the end, Father Bogut will tell you the whole truth about Chrome. This will end the current one and start a new one.

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