Kidney stones cause and symptoms

Kidney stones are becoming a common problem today. The process of stone formation happens very slowly. If the stones are small enough, people do not even know about it. When the stones are large then only people realize it.

Cause of kidney stone –

  • Lack of water is the main cause of kidney stones. Kidney stones are formed when the balance of water, minerals and salt is disturbed in the body.
  • Kidney stones are formed by consuming spicy food and junk food like pizza, burgers, pastries etc.
  • Consuming more tea reduces the thirst for water, which increases the chances of kidney stones.
  • Consuming more seeds and fruits and vegetables also increases the chances of getting stones.
  • People who have problems with arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease are more at risk of kidney stones.
  • Kidneys become weak due to recurrent fever, typhoid. Which increases the chances of getting stones.

Symptoms of kidney stones –

  • Sudden pain in the lower abdomen and waist due to stones.
  • Most of the patients complain of severe pain coming from the back to the stomach due to stones.
  • Nausea and vomiting with severe pain.
  • Burning urination, severe pain and intermittent urination are also symptoms of stones.
  • Blood may also enter the urine due to stones.

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