Just starting out in networking business, what should be done?

This article I will introduce for anyone who is new to network marketing. Getting started right will save you less time. I hope it will help you guys achieve faster.

     – You have to think about making a career in the long run. If you don’t think so You may be in a business that is right for you. Networking business is a long-term career. If you just think about trying to do it. And hope to generate a large income It would not be like that. It takes time to do business like a professional. You have to get in the business very seriously, but don’t worry, you have time to slowly learn about it. And it’s worth the time you invest.

     – Don’t worry when people disagree or don’t join you in business. When you have carefully considered the company you are joining in network marketing.  How to choose a company   For example You open a coffee shop, and you want to expand your business, get partners, get customers, introduce your friends, relatives, and some of them will disagree with your business. Some people do not have funds. Some people don’t have time Some are far away Some people do not like to drink coffee. You just find people who are interested in joining you. Or would like to use your product or service

     – Participate in the activities of the company, the team, do not tell me that You want to earn million baht / month. But you don’t want to attend company events. I don’t want to meet Don’t want to learn It would be impossible Try to make time to attend learning conference activities.

     – Make time to do business every day, 2-3 hours a day by cutting out unnecessary activities to improve myself. I used to be afraid of public speaking, shy, not good at speaking. These skills are essential to building a business. I also try to learn, practice and develop skills for the better.

     – Aim to be at the top of the company, do you think successful people have things different from you? In the beginning they were the same With you But they are people who try not to give up and develop themselves continuously.   

     – You have to develop in speaking skills, organizing meetings, you need to hold meetings at home, the company and teach the team at the beginning. You have to follow the upline to learn how to do it, and gradually practice doing small tasks and evolving, and soon you will become more proficient. When you are able to hold meetings Can train the team. Your organization will grow.


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