Just Eat:How Just Eat App works

Find out how Just Eat works to order food at home. Which restaurants are included in the service, how to use apps and discount codes.If you’re wondering how Just Eat works to order food at home , read on to find out how to sign up, how to pay and how to use the Just Eat app.

Do you want to order food at home? Would you like to eat the dishes of your favorite restaurant directly at home? You can do this thanks to food delivery (home delivery of food ), a well-established reality also in our country: more and more Italians rely on companies such as Just Eat, Glovo , Uber Eats , Deliveroo  just to mention the most famous food delivery in Italy.

On Just Eat you can order from Temakinho, Burgez, California Bakery  and many other restaurants that you can also search by type of cuisine.

If you have chosen to order food on Just Eat read our complete guide. You may also be interested in our guide on how to shop online .

  1. What is Just Eat
  2. just eat: how to order
  3. How to pay on just eat
  4. Just eat discount codes
  5. Restaurants available on just eat
    1. The offers on Just Eat
    2. Just Eat Rider: how to join

What is Just Eat

Just Eat is a food delivery service that takes care of hiring riders who buy food from the restaurant of your choice, and take it directly to your home. The service originated in Denmark in 2000, is currently available in 13 countries and is based in London. In Italy, Just Eat arrived in 2011.

just eat: how to order

First of all, know that in order to order food at home with Just Eat, you must register ( registration is free ) on their website or directly on the app available for iOS and Android . The app download is also free.

Here’s how Just Eat works and how to order takeaway food from the restaurants available.


  1. Open the Just Eat app or use the website justeat.it
  2. If you are not registered yet, proceed with the REGISTRATION indicating your email address and password
  3. At the end of the registration you will receive an email to confirm the email address entered, a fundamental step to be able to activate your account;
  4. From now on you can proceed with the order


  1. First enter your delivery address, to see which restaurants deliver in your area;
  2. Choose your favorite dishes;
  3. Place your order;
  4. When your order is accepted, the restaurant begins to prepare and pack it, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the expected arrival time
  5. Once ready, a rider picks it up and brings it to you.

If you are wondering what time you can order on Just Eat , know that the order can be made for as long as the kitchen of the restaurant / bar / club of your interest is able to prepare your dish. You can order up to 24 hours in advance with a scheduled order .

For any questions relating to the service, please consult the FAQ on the  justeat / help site

How to pay on just eat

The accepted payment methods are:


  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Cash on delivery

Just eat discount codes

There are two types of discount codes on Just Eat:

  • the voucher, which is a code you enter when ordering. They may have an expiration date.
  • the paycode which is a credit that you can upload to your profile, in the “account credit” section. Here you can type in the code you have and click on “insert”. This credit does not expire and can be used for any future order by checking the “credit in account” box at the time of payment

Restaurants available on just eat

Once the address has been entered, Glovo shows the list of all the Restaurants that can have their dishes delivered directly to your home via the delivery men.

A wide range of cuisines is available on Glovo, from American, Indian, Italian, Brazilian … here are the main ones:

  • Pizza
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Hamburger
  • Sandwiches
  • Kebab
  • Desserts

The offers on Just Eat

Under the category “For you” are listed all the Restaurants near the indicated area that offer discounts on their products.

Just Eat Rider: how to join

If you want to become a Just Eat Rider and deliver food, just submit a request by filling out a specific form. Visit their website in the “become a rider” section to apply.

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