Jurassic World Evolution Guide, Tips and Tricks

Master all the secrets of the new Jurassic Park amusement park building game with us.

With Jurassic World Evolution we have the opportunity to create our own dinosaur show , in which we manage a Jurassic park. Obviously, doing everything related to this job is not easy at all.

For that we have prepared our guide, which will teach you everything you need to be able to immerse yourself in the Five Deaths. Of course, keep in mind that there are many random threats and everything can be spoiled at any time.

Tips and tricks to build your park

Building the park on each of the islands may seem complicated, but in reality the same procedure is always followed :

  • Accumulate money to build a base of buildings that generate money actively (you will have to work for it).
  • Keep working on making money until you have a basic fence.
  • Passively make money to build entertainment buildings to make even more money.
  • Build everything you have available, do all the research and create all the dinosaurs.
  • Exhaust all expedition points.

This is the most useful thing you will find when moving through Jurassic World Evolution , by following these steps you will be able to overcome all the islands without major problems. Keep in mind that depending on the island you will face more or less weather problems .


Initial buildings

First of all, remember that all buildings need electricity . If there is no nearby substation that can supply the building, it is as if it does not exist, except in the case of the Refuge. Also make all the contracts that appear , or at least accept them to complete them as soon as possible.

The two buildings you should always focus on at the beginning on any island are these two:

  • Expedition center.
  • Fossil Center.
  • Shelter (you will not use it now, but it is better to have it by the time visitors start to arrive).

Before you start creating dinosaurs you need to prepare things. The idea is that you send expeditions to collect fossils and sell a good amount of them . Logically sell all the fossils from which you cannot extract DNA.

The idea is that you go extracting DNA to create dinosaurs, especially herbivores , but always have money to send another expedition . Keep in mind that each expedition costs between $ 60,000 and $ 150,000 , depending on where you are going to explore.

Keep in mind that during this phase you will not generate money with dinosaurs , so do not spend on new buildings until you know that your last expedition has made you profit.

Prepare your jurassic park

When you start to have enough money, you should have at least one Hammond Research Center , which is where dinosaurs are created .

To begin with, you are interested in an area of ​​herbivores , which are very easy to control and do not usually have problems with each other. You must do the following:

  • Create a fence around an area with water (remember that in the terrain creation option you can create lakes) with access to the Hammond Center.
  • Place two or three herbivore feedersnear the fences.
  • Set up an observation gallery outside the enclosure, focusing on the feeders. So visitors can see the dinosaurs up close.
  • Go creating dinosaurs (herbivores only).
  • Create a guard post to send an SUV to replenish feeders or treat animals when they are sick.
  • Don’t forget to keep sending expeditionsto get fossils, more DNA for the species you have and, when they become available as the quality of your park increases, new dinosaurs.
  • Do not put carnivores in the herbivore enclosure, you will have problems.
  • If there are tropical stormsmake sure to open the Shelter that you should have created earlier, so that people do not have problems. Visitors will be sheltered until you close it and you will have no valuation problems if you get no one to die.

As soon as you have a pair of Triceratops, you will see how the benefits start to rise quickly. The bigger the fence, the more dinosaurs you can create without them having problems. You can easily have about 20 minor herbivores, 3 or 4 large ones and not have the slightest problem.

Upgrade the park

Follow the second point until you see that your park generates around $ 75,000 – $ 100,000 per minute. At this point we can move on to bigger businesses.

  • In the Research Center, make sure you have developed the electric fence .
  • Create a second enclosure, a little smaller than the first, with its small pond, Hammond Research Center, a feeder for carnivores, a point from which to drop live bait, and a gazebo that approaches the feeder.
  • Put a UAC center near the fence. We are going to put carnivores and the helicopter will be able to sedate and transport them if they escape.
  • When you have enough DNA, develop a carnivore and release it into the hedge.
  • Keep in mind that these critters are much more complicated to manage, because they have a bad character and with more than two in the same area, the largest ones will get angry even when they are of the same species.
  • Specimens such as velociraptors have fewer problems with groups. Don’t put three ketosaurs or t-rexs in the same enclosure, to say the least. They will escape in a few minutes, almost certainly.

By now you should be generating between $ 125,000 and $ 150,000 in profit per minute. Here the process of constant expansion begins, always with care and patience:

  • Use the Research Center to improve your buildings, get new ones …
  • Upgrade power plants as soon as possible – a storm can knock you out of power and, if it notices, the carnivore could escape.
  • Build recreational buildings: hotels, shops, new observation galleries …
  • You can create a third enclosure for other carnivores.
  • Remember to remove (with the helicopter) the specimens that have died, either due to natural causes or illness.


In essence, in this game we have four types of buildings:

  • Security buildings: these are animal control centers, responsible for sedating and transporting them, treating them, restocking the feeders inside the fences …
  • Science buildings: they are destined for expeditions, DNA extraction and the development and improvement of your buildings.
  • Entertainment buildings: areas to get more money from visitors. From gift shops to hotels, exhibition centers, restaurants …
  • Fences: everything related to the enclosures where you should have the dinosaurs isolated. From fences to viewpoints, observation galleries, feeders …


There are about 60 different dinosaurs available in Jurassic World Evolution . You don’t have to hunt them, look for them, capture them, or anything like that to get them. The procedure is pretty straightforward, actually.

To get new dinosaurs, what you must do is the following:

  • Send an expedition to an available point.
  • Extract DNA from fossils.
  • Create the dinosaur in the center Hammond.
  • Raise the quality level of your island to unlock new expedition locations.

Remember to avoid these two things as much as possible :

  • Mix carnivores with herbivores, because one will eat the other.
  • Place too many carnivores within the same enclosure, unless they are gregarious species such as velociraptors.


In the game there are a total of five islands available, the so-called “Five Deaths”. You will unlock them as you meet the necessary requirements for each of them, which basically is to achieve a certain level of quality in each one .

The difference between one and the other is the space available and the weather conditions that you will have to face, which is where the difficulty really lies.

  • Matanzas
  • Dead
  • Sarcasm
  • Stingy
  • Pain
  • Cloud

Isla Nublar , which will be the last one you unlock, is a kind of “training zone”, and here you will have infinite money to do whatever you want. Obviously, at this point, making money is something you can do with your eyes closed.

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