Journey to the Savage Planet;side quests walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of all secondary tasks and missions of the game

In addition to the Journey to the Savage Planet main quest guide, we offer you a detailed guide on side quests.

In the name of science!

Most important side mission: completing it will unlock Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 skills.

This additional quest becomes available after you destroy the plant with the red scanner (by going up to it from behind and poking your finger directly in the eye). Back at the Dart, create the Sampler upgrade .

To gain access to several upgrades, you will have to get the second rank of Field Explorer. The first condition is to study 25% of the Kindex. That is, we are talking about the last tab. By this time, you probably have studied at least 50%! The second condition is more difficult – to perform 4 experiments:

  • Biological samples. With the samples of the Baabushka and the Chubby bird it is clear. The second can be obtained next to the “Dart”, the first – for example, in the “Building Fields”, at the location “Rotting Abyss”. As for the picomandra, you will find it in the third area, “The Exalted Realm”, next to the “Repaired Teleport” teleport (by default it is red and activates the “Raise More” quest). Picomandra is a monster trying to hit you while spinning. To kill him (you could have met one), you need to dodge, so that he temporarily loses his balance, and attack on the tail.
  • Safety engineering. Follow the “Cliffs of Mount Gzarfin” teleporter. Turn around and jump off the edge of the ledge. At the very bottom, click on the “Space” to make a second jump and escape.
  • Nuclear strike. Again, go to the “Cliffs of Mount Gzarfin” teleporter. Near him, below, there are many chubby birds. The problem is, you have to get rid of their armor first. Then, in a successful scenario, gather four chubby birds around you and detonate them by attacking the leader (exploding). You may have to repeat it several times. Fortunately, killed chubby birds with armor will be reborn as normal ones, which will simplify the task. Remember, you can kick them into their rage. But already from the second kick, the chubby bird dies.
  • Aerophobia. Approach the chubby birds, toss them up by kicking the E key, and kill them before they land on the ground.

After completing all four experiments (quests), feel free to return to the “Dart”. Rank 2 upgrades are now available to you!

The next part of the quest is getting the third rank and the title of “Explorer”. To get started, you must research 50% of Kindred, and then complete four more challenges:

  • Biological samples 2. You are interested in biological samples from three animals – a jellyfish , an infected chubby bird, and a capiena . With chubby birds, it’s simple: use the device on birds with green tails. The Zhelemakhs can be found next to the Rising Crystals teleportation, and behind the capyens, move to the Zorgan’s Columns teleportation. Find a place with plants in cocoons (which open to attack you) and jump towards the black patch of ground. There you need to climb up the path to the location where you are attacked by a capienna (first a regular one, then an amber one, and then both at once). Here you can kill monsters and find alien alloy. But you can also take a DNA sample of the capiena.
  • Acid rain. Go to the Sinieda VII Ancient Mushroom Teleport. Here, there are the leader zhelemakh (red) and chubby birds nearby. Lure the chubby birds closer to the pond where the zelemach flies. Use bait for this. Then you can slow them down by applying gooey bile. Now show yourself to the zhelemakh and wait for him to fly over the chubby birds. Shoot him so that he explodes and hits at least two creatures with acid.
  • Easy target. Move to the Dart and go to the nearest cave, where there are 4 chubby birds. If one of them dies, just wait for her to respawn. First use a can of “Coffin” to collect chubby birds in one place, then throw a sticky mixture under their paws and quickly shoot everyone at once. This will fulfill the condition: kill 4 stuck creatures in 3 seconds.
  • Bombing. You need to kill four chubby birds in amber armor with one boomgrenade. Go to the teleport “Tibo’s Tears”, go right and left. Walk to the right past the reservoir with electric monsters. Here you will meet a group of chubby birds, and four of them will be in amber armor. First, throw the bait so that the chubby birds clump together. Then throw an acid bomb, destroying their armor, and quickly throw a boomgranate (fortunately, they are next to each other). If you manage to undermine the enemies, then the experiment will be counted.

Nearest Chubby Cave

Finally, the fourth and final part of the quest will become available. You can get the fourth rank “Senior Researcher”. To do this, you need to study 75% of the “Kindex”, as well as complete four new tests:

  • Biological samples 3. Need samples of DNA Shlepfibii , Nosach and Imperial scarab . Shlepfibia is at the location “Shlepfibia Pit”. There are several Imperial Scarabs at Xerophilius Landing. There are also high growths on the side, from which noses protrude (small individuals throwing green balls).
  • Jump-jump-bounce. You need to kill five enemies using a cumulative shot. As you can imagine, this requires unlocking the Ricochet Shot upgrade. That is, when using it and reloading (using the R key), the fired projectile will bounce off any surfaces and enemies. We recommend the following: go to the “Dart”, fill your pockets with cans (it is desirable to have an improvement, calculated for 10 units of each throwable item) and follow forward to the skull. Remember the cave under the skull? It has several entrances. You are interested in the left one in the direction of travel, where trees grow and there are chubby birds. Lure 3-4 chubby birds into the cave using the bait. Go down into the cave and use the same bait to send 2-3 more in their direction. Then load the pistol, press R twice more(so that two cells glow in the lower right window) and shoot when the chubby birds are next to each other. The projectile will ricochet and kill all targets.
  • Shocked. You need to finish off four enemies within 3 seconds while they are electrocuted. This is actually a very easy task! Stock up on shock grenades and head to the Dart’s cave. There are four chubby birds at once. Throw in the two baits so that the chubby birds are separated, but still close. Switch to shock grenades and use one by one until ALL chubby birds are electrified. The fact is that one grenade can electrify a maximum of three creatures. And in most cases, it turns out only two. Thus, as soon as everyone sparks, shoot the creatures.
  • Karate master. Kill 10 enemies in a row using melee attacks ( E ) without taking damage. Go to the Dart and go to the first cave with four chubby birds. Kill them with kicks, wait for rebirth and repeat the actions until you have 10 individuals. Moreover, if the chubby bird flew off, hit and exploded after the first kick, this may not be taken into account. It’s also important not to take damage!

Alien architecture

Scan the building at the Rising Crystals of Madness location, and then activate the teleport. You can move from here directly to the Dart. You won’t lose anything! If you have collected silicon, you can buy two upgrades on a 3D printer – “Shaped charge” and “Advanced battery”. The first is a powerful shot from a pistol, the second is to increase the charge capacity of the pistol. To fully complete this global quest, you will have to activate 20 teleporters. You will find them, moving through the plot and completing various side quests. There shouldn’t be any difficulties with this.

Raise more

In the description of the “Stasis Panic” quest, we suggested how to take the quest. When it appears, activate the teleport and find yourself in an anomaly. Destroy all chubby birds. As always, acid bombs must be thrown at amber. At the end, a monster with two glowing tails will appear. Shoot them off. Take away the alien alloy, then go back and be able to activate the teleport. There are a total of 32 alien alloys, and the game tells you how many are in individual areas.

Note . Complete the mission “In the Name of Science!” and unlock a skill that will highlight nearby alien alloys. To do this, you will need to use the scanner (key Z).

Back and forth (secret ending)

It is activated from the very beginning of the game, but you can continue it when you find yourself on the mountain, trying to get to the top of the tower according to the tasks “Lord, burn” and “Explore the tower”. Activate the quest immediately and enter the niche in front to find fuel supplies – 20%. We need to find more of the same sources to fully refuel the Dart. It is noteworthy that in the description of the quest 10 units of fuel are indicated, while you just need to find only half of them. Then return to Dart and launch it using the panel to view the secret ending to the game. To see the location of the fuel on the scanner, complete the In the Name of Science! and unlock the desired ability.

Alien movie

You will receive this quest when you find the first stone tablet. The game offers to collect all 10 pieces. One of them, for example, is next to the Planetary Debris teleport.

Note . We will not indicate the location of all items, because, having pumped a certain skill (you will have to increase the rank of the researcher in the quest “In the name of science!”), You will be able to see the location of the nearest tablets. To do this, use the scanner – the Z key.

The missing cartographer

The task is carried out at the same location as the quest “The Fourth Detective”. You must climb the mountain from the Sinieda Mushroom VII teleporter to find yourself in an area called Wild Beast Realm. You will need to defeat three beasts: first one will appear, then two more. To do this, wait for the beast to stop and begin to rapidly move in your direction. After two or three movements, he will pounce on you.

It is at this moment that you have to dodge left or right using the mouse wheel. Only if the monster misses will it get stuck in the ground for a while! And this is your chance to shoot the two glowing dots on the monster’s tails. Once both are destroyed, he will die. The rest of the time, shooting at these points is useless, since they are covered with armor. After defeating the enemies, repair the cartographer and enter the cave to find the alien alloy.

Lost and found

This quest is activated after you discover another mysterious alien object, similar to a sphere, which is mounted on a high stand. Scan it and on Dart’s computer you can study the letter. You need to find 8 such objects, while there is an opportunity to unlock a skill that will highlight each item.


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