Journey to the Savage Planet walkthrough and guide

A guide that tells you how to complete all the story missions, where to find all the resources, gadgets, equipment for exploring the levels and how to get the secret ending

After the introductory video, look around and watch the video message on any screen. Then I.K.O. will contact you. – the artificial intelligence of your spaceship, “Dart”. Listen to what she says, then find a computer to the left of the 3D printer and interact with it. Choose any character icon. You can read messages (some of them are in the basket).

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Initially, one global task is available: “Explore the planet.” It covers the study of 190 different objects, some of which have already been studied (8/190). At the beginning of the walkthrough we point to many items. Later, this idea was discarded: be sure to buy an improvement to the scanner, after which you will be able to see objects that can be scanned from a farther distance ( TAB key ).

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Another global task that will become active after you start interacting with the Dart control console. I.K.O. will inform you that it will not fly away without fuel. Thus, you will have to find an alien resource that can be used to obtain fuel.

Go outside through the teleport located below. In front on the right there is an urn with the banks of the “Grob” (9/190). Take one of them. The “coffin” can be used as bait for local animals.

Landing protocol

First, start the cartographer. You can scan it (10/190). You need to examine three places with obvious damage to the ship. Use the Tab key to turn on the scanner. The Z key allows you to see the markers. Two pieces are on the right side, a broken mechanical paw on the left. Scan them, press Z to see a new target. Walk forward from the ship and through the narrow hole on the left. To do this, you need to bend down while holding the C . Scan the fallen panel.

One of the places to scan

Repair time

Climb up the two ledges and jump down, where you need to scan purple crystals – Alien Alloy (11/190). You need a tool to extract them. Now you have access to the drawing of the Nomad pistol . But it takes carbon to make it. In a nearby cave there are small round creatures – chubby birds (12/190). Scan them and feed them “Coffin”. They will eat it and release carbon – blue elements (13/190). You can also explore the Salt Crystal and Life- Creator (15/190) in the cave . Throw in the Coffin to make the seeds fall out. Scan them and learn about the life-giving extract (16/190). One of the exits is blocked by tall red grass – tentaclid(17/190). Break it by throwing the Coffin and return to the Dart. But first, we recommend collecting 110 carbon units. Examine the teleporter (18/190) and then return to the inside of the ship.

You will learn about an important function: every time you visit the ship, you leave all the collected resources on it. If any resources were thrown outside the ship, they will remain there until you pick them up.

Spend 10 carbon on the Nomad Pistol (19/190) and another 100 on the Increased Damage research.

Crafting a pistol

Return to the cave. You can kill chubby birds for carbon. They will be reborn after a while. Destroy the purple crystals and move on by jumping to the other side. You will see a huge tower. Scan trees with orange balls. This is a polypalp tree (20/190). Here you will also learn about silicon (21/190). On the left, under the rock, hangs a metal bag with a seed (22/190). If you shoot in such a bag, then you can collect gelatinous balls. They are consumables like the “Coffin”. Throwing such a ball will give you a springy clutch of eggs (read just below in this paragraph). At the top of the same rock grows a hypnotoxin tree (23/190). Destroy hypnotic toxin to collect silicon.

See the yellow heaps? This is a springy clutch of eggs (24/190). Here you will unlock the first area – “Cold Embrace of Shangar” (25/190).

Look right at the top of the cliff near the beginning of this area. There is a strange growth hanging there. Scan it – it’s a hook flower (26/190). You will receive the main quest The Sky Calls.

Alien food

This quest activates on the right side of the Cold Embrace of Shangar area. Near the chubby birds, on a hill, there will be an alien plant of orange color. This is inochurma (27/190). Eat it to boost your stamina and health. There you can also scan the puzloptichny source (28/190). We are talking about reservoirs. There will be a chubby nest nearby (29/190). The quest will continue as the game will ask you to collect all the monochurma: 100 pieces. But for the next increases in health and stamina, you will have to collect several fruits.


The sky is calling

Now you can return to the ship and view the message from the “Kindred” chapter, which became available after you saw the high tower. Return back to the spacious location. Go left to find many hypnotic toxins that can be destroyed. Go down and keep to the left to find a hole in the rock. It leads to aluminum and carbon strands (32/190). That is, you will get another new resource – aluminum. The veins must be destroyed with a pistol. On the right side, where chubby bird lakes are located, there is a massive skull (33/190). The skull leads to a cave with a monochurma. The exit ahead will allow you to reach the tundra thief’s nest. Scan it and the creation that will run out from there (35/190). There is a swallow and a parasitic vine (37/190) on the right in the rock.

Exit the cave under the skull, as you cannot get into the closing room. There is an ice lake nearby. On the other side is inochurma. Walk on it, but it will crack and you will fall down. You will also find a new area – the “Pool of the Jellies”. Scan the flying squid – young jellies. When you kill everyone, scan the Jelmax Pit (39/190). There is a waterfall on the side, inside of which another inohurma is hidden.

Then destroy the passage with the crystals and go to the location ” Green Wilds of Zila “. In the future, we will point out to you that somewhere you need to scan something only if there is a direct benefit from it. Go left and you will find the monochurma behind the red plants. Go forward along the marker, but you will find that it is on a hill. Returning, do not turn anywhere and go straight. This path will lead you to an alien construction.

The side quest “Alien Architecture” will start

Jump! Jump!

Walk forward from the Rising Crystals of Madness teleport and on the left you will find the entrance to the cave. This quest will start. There will be a cave chubby bird inside the cave. Go deeper into the cave, use the glowing plants to get to a new area – “The Wobbly Sanctuary”. Go to the other side, climb up and move clockwise, going up to the sanctuary. Scan it and remove a liquid sample from the bowl.

Collect 100 Carbon (if you don’t have one) and return to the Dart to create a jump pack . You can now perform a second jump in the air.


Repair time (continued)

Go to the location “Rising Crystals of Madness” and go back to the cave, where you completed the task “Jump! Jump! ” A little further than the entrance to this cave, there is a ledge that you can jump onto. Having done this, bend down and go inside the cave.

There’s an alien alloy on the other side of the lava

Wait for the appearance of two stone platforms and jump along them to the other side. Take the alloy and you will not have to run after the one indicated by the marker. Nevertheless, according to the global assignment “Metallurg” will have to find all 32 alien alloys. Transfer the alloy to the 3D printer.

Explore the tower

This quest will start immediately after the previous one. Read the first half of his description in the quest below “Lord, burn.”

Lord burn

To start this quest, you must find a boom pomegranate tree. One of these is located near the ” Rising Crystals of Madness “, in the area where the jellies fly. It will be necessary to jump from acceleration to one hill, then to another (next to the stone blocks).

Continue the quest by selecting it as soon as you have the knapsack and the proton thread for the hooks. Move to the Rising Crystals of Madness teleporter and grab onto the ledges on the left, which have many hooks. If you think you are at a dead end, turn around and see a platform even higher to which you can gravitate. So you get to the very top. Here you will be directed to the first part of the “There and Back” quest (read the article on side quests).

When you go upstairs, then one day the holds will end. However, you will see bags of toe seeds. Shoot them, collect the seeds and start tossing them (make sure to choose the hook seeds as a consumable) into the clusters of blue growths.

Hook points will appear on them

With their help, you must climb to the very top, from where – use the already prepared hold to find yourself in a new area – “Cliffs of Mount Gzarfin”. Activate the teleport on the left.

Climb the nearest hill, jump onto the lava ledge and create a point for the toe from the toe seed. Grab it, and then jump to the nearest hill. You have several hills that you can navigate while fighting the boss – Kleshnerak.

Shoot the glowing dots above his head

In the first two stages there will be three, in the third – five. At the first stage, it is enough to dodge fiery streams. Jump over the first with a double jump, from the second bend down with the C key , the third – again jump over. In the second stage, after three streams of fire, the boss will throw a projectile to where you are standing. Just jump over to another hill, as the previous one will light up. Repeat the steps. At the third stage, nothing will change, except that you have to destroy five (not three) claws. Go through the gate guarded by the boss and find the Boomgrenade Shrine. Take the item.

If you have 100 aluminum and 200 silicon, then return to the “Dart” and create a new improvement – ” Paper Garnet Stabilizer “. Now you can store paper grenades!

Explore the tower (continued)

As soon as you get the substance needed for this quest, throw the fruit of the boom pomegranate tree at the cracked wall and find yourself at the broken bridge. The path to the right leads to the next portal. It’s called Broken Bridge. In this case, you will find yourself no longer in the “Landing site”, but on another location – “Itching fields”. Return to the ship. A new video message awaits you here.

Broken bridge

From now on, a new area is available to you. Not the Landing Site, but a completely different location called The Itchy Fields. Move to it by choosing the “Planetary debris” teleport and jump along the individual hills towards the marker. On a large island with chubby birds, scan a stone tablet to receive the quest ” Higher and Higher “. Complete this quest and then reach the Rotting Abyss area.

First, jump over the mushrooms to the left. This path will lead you to new flying opponents. There will also be a Warehouse . This plant contains an alien alloy inside, but to get it, you must shoot in three yellow eyes. Two of them are open, and the third is hidden behind a cracked wall. You must have some paper grenades with you. If they are not there, you will have to return to the area with boom-garnet trees and collect the resource. Blow up the wall and the third eye, and then take away the alien alloy.

Go further and go downstairs to the marker. Go to the wall with a jumping man. Jump up while holding ALT. Scan the magnetized blue vines on the wall in front. Another task associated with the search for a new gadget is activated – “The Fourth Detective”. Complete this side quest!

When you do this, move again from the Planetary Debris teleport. Immediately in the rotting abyss, go down the mushrooms to the right. There will be another alien alloy here. When you try to take it, flying opponents will appear. Kill them all and you can pick up the item. There is also a teleporter nearby. When you try to activate it, a dangerous monster will appear. Dodge him when he tries to knock you down by spinning. To do this, go to the side and click on the mouse wheel. He will crash into the walls. While he is stunned, shoot at the glowing end of the tail. After the victory, you will be able to activate the Rotting Abyss teleport. You can go back to Dart and buy the upgrades you want. The ” Advanced Explorer’s Belt ” is very useful : you can wear not 3, but 5 throwing items!

Now follow the quest marker and use the same grab to move along the rails

Having done this, jump over to the second rails. Then stop and jump down a little lower, to the right, in order to find a monochurm in the grass. There will also be rails. Climb over them, jump over several more and find yourself on a location with a strange chest and three symbols. Ignore him and follow the rails on the right, on the rocks above the abyss. So you will get to the location “Lair of the progenitor.” Activate the Rotting Ledge teleporter located here.

Follow a little further to meet the second boss – the Guardian Ancestor

The battle is divided into three stages, and to start each you need to shoot 3-4 times in the boss’s huge eye. After that, from time to time, flying insects will begin to appear. Kill them as soon as you see. Be guided by the red arrows indicating the direction of the monsters. When there are no small enemies, switch to the main monster. Jump over ledges and look for yellow growths. Shoot them. All of these yellow bumps will be highlighted in yellow, making it easier to find. The second stage is no different from the first, except that some growths will be hidden under the amber. To destroy amber, shoot acid bombs at it, which should be taken from acid workers. The third stage is an improved model of the second. There will be even more growths that must first be unlocked with acid bombs. And not three insects will appear, but five at once. If you cannot defeat the boss, go back to the very beginning and explore each location, trying to collect as many inoshurms as possible to increase your health and stamina. This will greatly simplify the battle.

After the victory, go downstairs and jump into the pit of the killed boss. Here you will find the ” Altar of Caustic “, required for the quest ” Dangerous Caustic Games “. activate the nearby teleport to find yourself in a completely new location “The Exalted Realm”. Follow the “Dart” and get tested.

Follow the first marker. You will need to move a lot along the rails and push off the hooks. This path will lead to a magnetic gate that closes, registering your presence. Scan them to activate the Stasis Panic quest . And when you examine the second power supply, you will find a non-working mechanism. Inside there will be a cracked slab in the floor. Scan it to receive the “ Finishing Off ” task .

You will be able to continue exploring the tower only after you get both improvements, and also complete two more story quests – ” Sichi ‘s Test ” and ” Fixstow ‘s Test “. Enter the tower and scan everything in it. And then interact with the remote. Return to the teleport and move to the Broken Bridge location. Jump forward to the tower, which is now open. Activate the teleport to find yourself on the fourth and final location called “Inside the Spire”. The nearby teleport is called the Wet Lobby.

Follow forward and activate the remote control. To get down below, you will have to destroy three growths. This should be repeated in three different rooms. Yellow growths can be exposed or hidden. Usually each floor has one side room on top. One of the growths can be hidden inside the cracked capsules, the other underneath the floor that you can punch through. In general, keep doing simple steps. Look for growths along the stems that come out of the puddle at the bottom of the floor. It is this puddle that stops the descending platform.

Final boss Teratomo

At the very bottom you will find a battle with the final boss – Teratomo . To defeat him, you must shoot at the yellow growths on his body. At the first stage, he can hit with tentacles if you are standing on the platforms next to him. If you are on one of the three distant platforms, it can fire two types of fire projectiles.

  • The first option – the entire platform is covered with red spots. You must run across to one of the adjacent platforms.
  • The second option – a seething fluid appears on the side and fireballs fly out of it (as on the floor above, in front of the boss).

In the second and third stages, the boss will use an attack that covers all three platforms against the wall. That is, he will make you jump to one of the platforms closest to him. Be careful and avoid the tentacles.

Also, the enemy will release flying zhemakhs: at the second stage – 2, at the third – 3 individuals. Destroy them as soon as possible.

Between the stages, you will have to try to pull out the seed of the planet from the enemy. Note that you will need to shoot ALL growths on the monster. Therefore, try not to leave growths in different parts of his body for the last stage. This will complicate the task. After winning, pick up the device and watch the video. Skip or watch the end credits to the end and bring the seed of the planet to the Dart. Transfer it to the 3D printer.

Note . It’s not over yet. The game will offer you to collect all the secrets on global quests, as well as find 10 cans of fuel to refuel the “Dart” and return to Earth. This will show you the secret ending of the game!

The sky is calling (continued)

To get to the marker, you need to complete the Jump! Jump! ” You will then be able to jump over the ledges along the left cliff. This puts you at the swallow. There are banks “Grob” nearby. Collect them and toss them to swallow to lure the chubby bird. The plant will eat the animal and remove the parasitic vines. You will be able to go to the side of the marker through a new location – “Tranquil crevice of serenity.”

Go down and go left, up the hill. To the left, you may have noticed a cracked wall, but so far you cannot blow it up.

A couple of tips:

  • To throw the chubby bird into the mouth of the swallow located at the top, drive it closer, luring it with cans of the “Coffin”, stand behind and kick (E) so that it flies towards the mouth of the plant.
  • And all the suspended inohurma can be eaten by simply jumping up to them and pressing the interaction key.

Follow upward until you reach an architectural structure and a new teleport “Meteorite Crater”. Be sure to activate it.

Council . By the way, to restore health points, you must return to the “Dart” or collect inochurma and increase the limit of health and stamina. That is, with an increase in the limit, health reserves are restored.

Jump towards the plant using the red scanner

Sneak up to him, running from one hiding place to another, and, being behind, click on the E . You will destroy the plant, and also open a new location – “Smoldering Abyss”. Go inside, jump to the other side, but be careful: there are rattles – birds of prey hanging on the stalactites. After destroying them, pick up a small fruit from the boomgarnet tree. You will have 6 seconds before detonation. Throw it into a cracked wall. Walk forward to the right and into a spacious cave.

Jump forward. You are interested in the ledge on the right, but there is a cracked wall. To detonate it, you will need to jump from it to the nearest island, then – to the right, pick up an explosive grenade from a boomgrenade tree, return to the previous island and throw it into the wall. And then it remains to get to the sanctuary and pick up the desired element. If you have already collected 150 units of silicon, then you can create a special device for hooks. By the way, this place is called the “Chamber of Intrigue”. Go back to the Dart and create the Proton Thread . Now, by pressing the F key , you can cling and gravitate towards the blue growths with a yellow dot – the points of the hold.

Dangerous caustic games

The quest is activated after you study the acid plant – a plant that allows you to throw acid bombs. As with boomgranates, they will initially explode in your hand. The quest can be continued after you complete the “The Fourth Detective” task and can navigate the rails. Follow the rails as described in the second half of the Explore the Tower quest. Once you’ve defeated the Mandatory Story Boss, go down to the pit underneath to find the Altar of Biting.

Pick up the substance you need and buy the upgrade on a 3D printer. You can now store acid bombs.

Higher and higher

The task is taken during the quest “Explore the tower” (see above). Once you activate the quest, follow the marker and find a shrine. Study it, but there is no liquid here. Apparently the pumps are not working. Three markers will appear at once. Each of them leads to an area with large amber stones (under which some inochurms may be hidden) and amber-covered pumps. So these are the three pumps that you need to start. To destroy amber, grab acid bombs from acid plants (green plants) and throw them by pressing Q. It is noteworthy that you cannot hold and hold Q for aiming, since these bombs fly in an approximately straight route. When you destroy the amber on the pump, the marker may not disappear. Don’t be alarmed! If the pump moves, then everything was done correctly. Follow the other two and run them. Then return to the shrine and collect a sample of the liquid. Move to Dart and, if you have 200 Carbs and 100 Aluminum, create a new upgrade called Launcher Boosters.

You can now hold down the Alt key to gain charge and then release to fly up. Such a jump will be higher than double! But you cannot double jump after using the Launcher Boosters.

Fourth detective

The task is activated during the quest ” Explore the tower“(Read above). Follow the marker. It is best to return to the “planetary wreckage” teleport, make your way into the cave with mushrooms and jump on them to the right. Move through the poisoned chubby cave and follow the marker to a new location. You will need to climb up. First, there will be hook points, then they will have to be created from seeds. Fortunately, there will also be sacks of hook seeds hanging here. After going upstairs, activate the “Sinieda VII Ancient Mushroom” teleport. Get to the sanctuary and find out that the crystal is destroyed. Press Tab to keep track of the three pieces of the shattered crystal. You will take the first two without problems: one will be hidden in the grass, the other – on the mushroom above the abyss. After taking the second jump to the right. But the third is hidden in a cave under a waterfall.

Make your way inside and use acid bombs to destroy all the amber. Under them there will be opponents, inohurma and the crystal you need. By the way, you will meet bees here. Destroy their hives and they will die. Take all three parts of the crystal to their place, and when it is assembled, take the analysis.

Go back to Dart and create a new upgrade, Improved Proton Thread. Now you can cling to and move along the rails that you found in the “Explore the Tower” quest.

And during the ascent to the sanctuary, you will learn about the missing cartographer. This activates the “Missing Cartographer” task.

Stasis panic

Another task that allows you to get access to the improvement. It will become active after you get to the third huge location – “The Exalted Realm”. Find a magnetic gate that closes as soon as it registers your energy signature. That is, the same thing happens as in the cave under the skull at the beginning of the game.

Return to the locked tower, go right and on the right you will see the rails that allow you to get to the new area “Xerophilius Landing”. A little further you will find the teleport of the same name. Follow the rails to the right to reach the Watcher’s Roost. You need to go to the left, but if you can, destroy the two plants with red scanners in front, and then go downstairs and take the Alien Alloy. A little further there will be a red teleport. Approach him for an additional quest “Raise more”.

Next, you will need to climb up, creating places for the hooks. Fortunately, there will always be bags of hook seeds hanging nearby. In this way, get to the new ” Crackling Pedestal ” teleport . Upon reaching the sanctuary, you will find an electric field. Scan it. For the field to disappear, you need to achieve 100% stability of the sanctuary. And for this, keep infected chubby birds away from him. Shoot their green tails. When the battle is over, take a sample of the substance.

Return to the Dart and unlock the Shock Fruit Stabilizer. You can now throw electrical projectiles.

Finishing off

It opens similarly to the quest mentioned above, only when examining the second of the two tower doors. After the task “Stasis Panic”, follow the marker to get to the location “Hell’s Cauldron”.

You will need to defeat two monsters

To do this, dodge their jumps and funnels that appear under your feet. And when the monster raises his hands up, go around it and shoot two glowing points. After destroying them, continue to dodge attacks until the enemy opens his mouth. There will be a third yellow dot inside. The second enemy is a little more difficult: first you have to destroy the armor on the two yellow dots on his back. To do this, throw a boomgranate on your back. Collect the sample, activate the portal, and return to the Dart to create the Toptobooster . Now, by pressing CTRL in the air , you can hit the ground hard. This will destroy the concrete slabs.

Sichi’s Challenge

This quest is activated after completing the quest “Stasis Panic”. Go inside the tower, picking up the chokofruit and holding Q near the door. In this case, it will not close. Once inside, use the Chocfruit again to activate the crystal. Further, the crystal will gradually rise, and you will have to dodge (jump or bend) from the moving electric rays. After successful evasions, opponents will appear. Consider this. And at the very top, before the last ascent, the crystal will scatter electrical spheres. Look up and get ready to dash to the side (mouse wheel).

Fixstow’s test

This task is activated after finishing the quest “Finishing Off”. Go downstairs, breaking the floor inside the tower, and pull out all the fuses from the slots. The tower will begin to move, but at the same time, lava will begin to rise. You must get ahead of the lava and climb to the very top. Somewhere double-triple jumps are enough, but somewhere you need to use the ALT key . Be careful. At the very top, activate the crystal.

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