Joint car: how to remove a holder

If you are in possession of a joint car , know that you can choose to remove a holder at any time, always obviously if you respect all the corresponding rules.

In principle, it is the first holder to receive all communications relating to the car, including financial penalties, car tax, insurance policies, warnings and so on. If you make your due assessments and you realize that the joint title is no longer convenient, we suggest you take a look at our following manual, with the chance to find out how to remove a nominee, or at least how to change it permanently. The procedure is less complicated than you might imagine, but you don’t have to make any mistakes to act with complete peace of mind and safety.

What documents do you need for the removal of a nominee

Do you want to make sure that the joint ownership contract ceases to have any validity? It is necessary that you go to the Public Automobile Registry or PRA and make a real change of ownership that will allow you to pass from two to one owner. First of all, you have to attach the certificate of ownership if you have it in paper format, otherwise you can complete the entire operation online by downloading the relevant document from the relevant website. Request the permanent removal of one of the two holders and wait for the request to be considered, with careful control of every single document. A confirmation from the interested body is sufficient to be able to remove the holder and start having full ownership of a particular vehicle without any difficulty.

What elements you need to consider to remove the joint header

What are the factors you need to monitor when choosing to remove a nominee and have the joint title removedonce and for all? First of all, know that a measure of this type is not characterized by any practical relevance. In theory, you can change the name of the co-holder as you wish every year without incurring any penalty, but simply by entering your details in the appropriate insurance contract. Therefore, remember that there is no practical difference between the first and second owner and that both are equally held responsible for the health of your vehicle. Furthermore, the parameters relating to the insurance policy are calculated on the subject considered most at risk between the two participants, keeping an eye on all related data. Of course, the cost of the policy rises significantly, but its overall value is also increased,

How much it can cost to remove a holder from your vehicle

If you deem it appropriate to remove the joint name of your vehicle , it is necessary that you know the costs, which are those of the change of ownership, in an indicative way . Therefore, you are obliged to pay both the stamp duty and all the fees related to the Public Automobile Registry. The total amount varies depending on whether you choose to use the ownership certificate in paper format or the NP3B form as a presentation note for your vehicle, which you must obviously fill in each of its inherent items.

However, what matters is that you evaluate all components before proceeding with the removal of a nominee, making sure that such a measure can be considered convenient or not. Never step out of your way, but rather check the pros and cons of each choice before making it irreversibly. Obviously, you must fully agree with the other owner to make a shared decision, able to guarantee you tangible benefits over time and to significantly reduce the expenses related to the management of your car. In this way, you can drive it with complete peace of mind and face every situation properly.


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