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ITI i.e. Industrial Training Institute is a technical related course, after which you start opening up employment opportunities in both private or government sectors.

If you also want to do ITI, then you must do iti to get a good job as soon as possible , choose the trade according to your interest. If you want to get admission in ITI, then first of all you choose the trade according to your interest. In these trains, you can choose one of the trades from Electrical Mechanical Electrician Fitter, Computer Hardware Networking, Carpenter, Draftman, Civil etc. Take and you can take training ITI  minimum qualifications to ITI

To get admission in ITI, you need to have at least an eighth pass or a tenth pass or a maximum of 12, but the minimum age should be 14 years. Even today many students in India are not able to read after tenth for any reason. In such a situation, through this course, students have the opportunity to identify themselves as well as to get government jobs and also get opportunities to

study with jobs.
If you get the opportunity to work along with studies, then what to say, often students leave the studies and join in search of jobs due to poor financial condition, but if I start getting less money with my studies So studies are not a burden for them, in such a situation, along with ITI, you can do a job at the local level in the relevant field, so that you will have practical knowledge as well as some money. It will be received that after doing ITI after 10th, it is considered equivalent to twelfth. In earlier times, only those students who used to have less number of academic places took admission in it, but now due to ITI demand admitted in government job Students scoring 80% or more also take admission in ITI course because after completing ITI after 10th it is considered equivalent to 12th. Land then this question in mind what you get admission to graduate after ITI

What happens in the course

*. In ITI, more attention is given to practical than theory, so that students understand things quickly and easily
*. Like other courses, book knowledge and knowledge of English language is not mandatory for taking admission in ITI
*. After completing ITI course, you can easily get admission in diploma second year
*. Under ITI, minimum 6 months to maximum 2 years are covered  . Start with apprenticeship . Son in ITI, the duration of the course is also different depending on the trains in which the government institution is present in each state for the course. In these institutes, candidates are selected on the basis of merit list, what to do after ITI

Youth who have done or are doing ITI can do specialized short term course in Advanced Training Institute (ATI). Such youth have the opportunity to do diploma in engineering. Apart from passing ITI, you also get job in Army Navy and Airforce. You can get

job opportunities
after getting training in ITI, you can get Devendra companies like Bharat Electronics Limited India You can search for jobs in Heavy Electricals Limited Hindustan Aeronautics Limited NTPC Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited etc.

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