Why isn’t your web marketing working? 6 possible causes

Have you developed, or had professionals from the sector elaborate, a web marketing strategy for the promotion of your products, it seems that nothing is missing, that the work has been done well, so why are you not getting any results ?
It often happens that a project, which seemed complete on paper, does not bring the desired results and understanding its causes is fundamental to solve problems and correct the course .

Let’s see together 6 possible causes of failure of your web marketing.

1 – Inadequate objective

The first thing to define within a web marketing project is the goal you want to achieve , that is the final goal of the actions we are about to take.
The goal, following the directions of the economist Peter Drucker , must be SMART , that is
– Specific (specific)
– Measurable (measurable)
– Achievable (reachable)
– Realistic (realistic)
– Time-Based (timeable)
Many web marketing operations they don’t work because they even go without having a goal.
Or because they have too vague a goal “I open the Facebook page to show me” or too elaborate “I open the Instagram profile even if I don’t publish photos because this triggers the curiosity to follow me on other social networks” or still completely disconnected from the reality “I go on so the internet becomes famous. ”
If your goal is not only not SMART, but it is not focused on your real business needs, on your product and aimed at your customers, the web will not help you increase your turnover.

2 – Poor knowledge of the market

Another of the operations that must be done before approaching the web is the study of the target market .
The analysis of the market indicates in fact in which competitive context to position the offer, taking into consideration the purchasing potential of the market itself and the active presence of the competition.
Being in business for years does not necessarily mean knowing the online market, because it often happens that for the same category of services or products, the offline / online market rules have important differences.
If you have not studied the market in which you operate, your web marketing campaign is probably moving randomly or incorrectly and you are not emerging among your competitors.

3 – Poor knowledge of the target

Do you know your potential customers? Do you know where to intercept them? How can you contact them? How can we interest and involve them?
If your web marketing is simply “shooting in the heap” rather than targeting your target audience in the best way, your communication is most likely ignored because it is not seen by the right people for your business .

4 – Means and methods

Are you using the right channels?
It makes no sense to open a page on all social networks and post the same information on all: each social has peculiarities and methods of disseminating its own information , being present on a social network that is not suitable for your market or not frequented by your target is useless, just as a wrong approach is counterproductive even if you are on the right social network.
You have to choose with knowledge of the cause on which social networks it is appropriate to work and adopt the correct communication mode for each.
The same goes for AdWords: it is not said that it is useful for each campaign, in some cases a waste of resources is fundamental in others, each case is separate and must be carefully evaluated to obtain an effective strategy.

5 – Time

A web marketing campaign takes time before giving the first results: those who thought of publishing a site and opening a few pages on social media to receive hundreds of contacts from potential customers are likely to feel discouraged after the first months of total silence.
Contacts must be earned one by one with a well-structured job , it doesn’t rain from the sky just because you are on the internet.
When developing a web marketing strategy, reasonable deadlines must be established, as well as how often to check the results and possibly recalibrate the shot.

6 – Insufficient budget

By now it should be clear that the internet is not the place where “you advertise without spending anything”, but on the contrary the budget made available for web communication is an important budget item and must be appropriate to the tools used and the purposes that you want to achieve.
If your campaign was based on the myth of the hypothetical entrepreneur who earned thousands of euros by buying a keyword at 0.50 cents, do not be surprised if you are not getting any results.

These are the 6 most common causes of online marketing failure , obviously each case makes history in itself and must be considered and studied as unique, if you want to contact us to submit your web marketing problems and seek a solution together with us


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