How was Islam and Muslims a reason for the rise of the West

While some of this nation’s greatest nations see that religion is the cause of backwardness, I can only grief over those who see this opinion and grief over the people of this nation for their deviation in thinking and fallacy in the evaluation of the curriculum, the Arab proverb says days are countries and war is a debate and what It means that life revolves between countries and nations and in every time we see the prosperity of some countries and the decline and dissolution of other countries and for every decline and prosperity of factors and causes and conditions have changed from the Middle Ages to the present day where the armies of Muslims roamed the earth and their scholars produce ideas and research before that everyone and to appear on the nation of Islam A great civilization does not j Their hatred is only ignorant, and its virtue is not disbelieved except vindictive and hostile. Islamic civilization contributed to the progress of the whole world and the West in particular, days when Muslims and Arabs were the masters of the world and its leaders Her command and inactivity in her work until the world prevailed and Ali The opposite of what happened in the Nation of Islam, which was broken up and divided and divided into states and kingdoms, but what are the reasons that made Europe rise to itself to the top? And allow me to be the questioner and the answerer, because this development was caused by the true Islamic religion and what the West took from the sciences of the Islamic nation. We did not present this in my article as a matter of imagination and let us see this in what happened from the course of history.

France and Islamic jurisprudence The first and most important thing that nations seek is the enactment of laws. Without laws, the right does not prevail or is preserved, and the survival of the strongest and the holder of power remains, and is there a civilized nation without laws? France has used Islamic jurisprudence to build its civil laws governing the conditions of people, and that when Napoleon Bonaparte returned from Egypt in 1801 he took a book with him exclusively on Islamic jurisprudence and Maliki doctrine and the name of the book was the explanation of the dirder aboard Khalil to Imam Malik, may God have mercy on him, and this is the testimony of the historians of France themselves as The French historian Seideo says: Napoleon’s law is transferred from a juristic book on the doctrine of Imam Malik, which is the explanation of the dirder aboard Hebron (1). Napoleon built on this book what was later known as Napoleon’s law, and among the books that showed compatibility and similarity between French law and Maliki Islamic jurisprudence is a book The article Legislative between the civil status of the Islamic laws and legislation comparison between the jurisprudence of French law and the doctrine of Nat Imam Malik authored by Syed Abdullah Ali Hussein.

Western missions to Andalusia Arabs and Muslims used to start from the teachings of the Islamic religion in their inventions, and therefore Arabs were accused of astronomy for their interest in prayer times, the advent of the month of Ramadan, and observing the crescent. The Arabs built weather observatories The West used the help of Arabs and Muslims to teach their children the latest knowledge, development and civilization reached by Muslims, and send educational missions especially to Andalusia and one of the educational missions in which Princess Dupant was the niece of the King of England, France, Sweden and Norway. The document mentioned in the book 100 changed the course of history: from George The second King of England, France, Sweden, and Norway to the Muslim caliph, the king of Muslims in the Kingdom of Andalusia, the owner of greatness and honorable standing: After glorification and reverence, we heard about the great progress which has been enjoyed by its pure flood of institutes of science and industries in your country, and so we wanted our children Quote models of these virtues to be a good start in tracking Otherkm to spread the types of science in our country dominated ignorance of the four corners. (2)

Memorize the ancient knowledge Some seek to deny the fact that the Islamic religion, the Islamic nation, and the inventions of Muslims are the cornerstone of the development and advancement of the West. However, some Western thinkers, scholars, and orientalists have done justice to mentioning this fact that some people try not only to deny but distort and try to hide, Sigrid Honke says: In the context of talking about The Greeks Europeans recognized the role of the Arabs in history, where they said: The Arabs have transferred the treasures of the ancient to the countries of the West, then add: This is the only phrase in which many try to falsely and pretend to report what they have done to Europe that defines to the Arabs the role of the postman only, so it reduces their fate when obliterating a lot of The facts behind the oblivion are forgotten. (3) The author was fair in her criticism of the West because the Arabs not only transmitted the knowledge of the Greeks, but also improved upon it and improved upon it, and the Arabs added their undeniable historical silence, as the Arabs did two important things in their prosperous eras: keeping ancient knowledge from loss and damage, To develop and provide this science better than it was before.

Benefiting from Muslim inventions The West transmitted the science of Arabs and Muslims to them and the Arabic books were their references for many years and we do not exaggerate if we say that no science has evolved and progressed to reach what it has reached in our present time except for the Arabs have a hand and a fingerprint in what it has reached, and the Arabs and Muslims were starting from the teachings of the Islamic religion in Their inventions, and therefore, the Arabs were accused of astronomy for their interest in prayer times, the advent of the month of Ramadan, and the observation of the crescent. The Arabs built weather observatories, such as the Observatory of the Caliph al-Ma’mun in Damascus (4). Intellectual and scientific developments in the Arab countries and Muslims were not limited to astronomy because most of the sciences were included if not all sciences were different Its types. ——

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