Is there a perfect tablet for kids? Yes and it’s called Alcatel TKEE Mini

Parents fully understand the fears of other parents when buying technology for their children. This is something that appears with the purchase of a tablet. Will it hurt your eyes? Will you visit weird web pages? Will it break on the first day after falling to the ground? Luckily, we have a company that has thought about all this and has captured it excellently on the Alcatel TKEE Mini tablet . This is your cover letter.

Technology with maximum security

If we are looking for a perfect gift for a child, a tablet has many ballots of being it. In this case, we bring you all the details about the Alcatel TKEE Mini with a 7-inch HD IPS screen, which is accompanied by a system that protects the eyes of minors. This technology filters and reduces exposure to blue light. In addition, for maximum peace of mind, we will tell you that it has been internationally accredited by TÜV® Rheinland.

This vision protection is not the only security measure that we will find. In this case, we also have to talk about its customized operating system to the maximum to offer safety to minors. Parents can set usage limits and view their child’s history, knowing at all times what they are doing. This is completed with several educational applications so that they learn by playing what they like the most.

The third aspect of security is related to the physical part of the device. As we know, both tablets and mobile phones with delicate devices due to their glass screen not friendly to falls. For this reason, the Alcatel TKEE Mini tablet has a high-quality color protective casing that ensures the integrity of the device against use by any child and possible accidents.

A very capable tablet

Once we have reviewed the crucial aspects of safety for children, it is time to review other technical aspects of the device. For example, we have dimensions of 176 x 126.1 x 11.9 millimeters or a weight of 440 grams. Inside it hides a 2580 mAh battery that is charged complements in 4 hours .

In addition, we have a quad-core MT8167D processor capable of providing a smooth experience for children. The RAM is 1.5GB and we have 16GB of memory to store things, which can be expanded with a microSD up to 128GB. The operating system, although personalized for children, is Android 9. This gives us access to millions of applications and the functions that we already know from Google’s mobile operating system.

Another aspect to highlight is the camera. We have both 2 megapixel front and rear cameras , fixed focus, 1/5 sensor size, 1.12um pixel size, and φ2.4 lens aperture size. Children will be able to record video in 720p at 30 frames per second.

As we have seen, the Alcatel TKEE MINI is the perfect gift for our children and can be purchased from 99.99 euros , an affordable price for a tablet that is designed for children in all its aspects, although the most important is the of security.

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