Is there a hadith that says “A Muslim does not sell another Muslim”?

Yes, a Muslim does not surrender his Muslim brother to the enemy or betray him. As a matter of fact, two hadiths on the subject are as follows:

“A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He does not oppress him, does no injustice to him, and does not surrender him to the enemy . Whoever meets the needs of his Muslim brother, Allah will also meet his needs. Whoever relieves a trouble from a Muslim, Allah Almighty will relieve one of that person’s troubles on the Day of Judgment. “Whoever covers the shame and flaws of a Muslim, Allah Almighty will cover the shame and flaws of that person.” (Bukhari, Mezalim 3; Muslim, Birr 58)

“A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. He does not betray him , does not lie to him, and does not abandon his help. Every Muslim’s chastity, property and blood are forbidden to another Muslim. Taqwa is here. “It is enough evil for a person to despise his Muslim brother.”   (Tirmidhi, Birr 18)

The Holy Quran: “Indeed, the believers are brothers to each other.” (Hucurat, 49/10) states. The brotherhood of Muslims is based on religion. Religious brotherhood is more important than blood brotherhood.

It is not a wish but an order for a Muslim not to oppress his Muslim brother . Because oppression is haram. Every injustice is a form of oppression.

A Muslim does not surrender his fellow believer to the enemy, does not abandon him, or endanger him.

Hadith commentator Ibn Battal says that helping the oppressed is obligatory upon every Muslim, and that it is obligatory upon the head of state .

A Muslim is someone who inspires confidence and is trusted. It is not permissible for him to sacrifice his fellow believer for his personal benefit or his selfish desires or to engage in behavior that would be detrimental to him. Because:

“A Muslim is someone whose hands and tongue do not harm other Muslims.”   (Bukhari, Faith 4, 5)

“A person who does not desire for his fellow believer what he desires for himself cannot be a true believer.” (Bukhari, Faith 7)

Muslims fulfill the requirements of their brotherhood in meeting each other’s needs. Because people need each other. These needs may not necessarily be in the material field. Spiritual cooperation is at least as valuable as material cooperation.

The promise that God will meet the needs of anyone who meets the needs of a Muslim is sufficient evidence to understand how virtuous this behavior is. Our Prophet (PBUH),

“As long as the servant helps his brother, Allah helps his servant.” they command. (Muslim, Zikr 37-38)

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