Is there a chance to get back with my ex girlfriend?

Yes, because most relationships can be restored after a breakup.

It all depends on how you approach it.

You will have the best chance of getting it back if you:

1. Prepare fully to attract her in new ways the next time you interact with her.

If a guy doesn’t change her approach to attraction and then interacts with her ex then she won’t feel motivated to give him another chance as it looks like it would be the same kind of relationship experience as before.

For example: if he was not safe in the relationship and still seems uncertain to her, then she will assume that nothing would really change.

She would always end up feeling disheartened by her insecurities and wanting to end the relationship again.

As a result, she sees no point in giving him another chance and then going through another breakup.

So she ends up rejecting him when he tries.

That is why, you need to make sure that you are fully prepared and ready to attract your ex-girlfriend in new, interesting, and more engaging ways on your next interaction with her.

For example: Some of the ways you can do this include …

  • Be much more confident and sure of yourself around yourself, rather than feeling unsafe and unsure of yourself, or being quite confident.
  • To be an emotionally independent man who loves her and wants her to come back, but who doesn’t actually need her back to feel better about himself.
  • Stand up to her or put her back in her place lovingly but confidently, rather than letting her get away with bad behavior (for example, insulting you, being unreasonable, lying or exaggerating the reasons for the breakup, making tantrums, completely blaming you for the breakup, accusing you of being a bad boyfriend to her, posing as an innocent victim, even though she contributed to the breakup in several ways).
  • Use humor to broadcast an angry and tense conversation about the relationship, rather than having to blame her, try to make her feel guilty, or feel bad about herself. This is an example of standing up to him in a loving but assertive way (i.e., you don’t curl up under his pressure or feel intimidated by his anger or annoyance. stay calm, confident and in control and use humor. to lighten the mood, even if it sounds “risky.” You are not intimidated, but you are not an asshole about it. ‘a loving, but assertive way).
  • Be an emotionally masculine man that she can admire, respect and depend on because you are in control of your emotions, rather than copying her way of being (e.g. getting very emotional, always wanting to talk about your feelings with her, being too cute to the point where you end up acting more like a boy than a man, throwing a male anger, sulking, walking out of the room angry or because you are upset and can’t control yourself).
  • Be more assertive (in a loving and respectful way) towards her, rather than acting like a nice guy to hopefully suck her off. Women are not attracted to a nice guy who tries to suck them off. You still have to maintain your masculinity while being a good guy. If you stop being masculine and start being too gentle, gentle, easygoing, and kind, his attraction to you will die out.
  • Use balloon humor or playful, uplifting humor to make her smile, laugh, and feel good around you, rather than being so serious about everything and making her feel tense or bored. For example: She asks you: “So, did I miss you?” and you say in a cheerful and confident manner, “Only as much as I missed you” or “Did you miss?” Wait, what’s your name? Who are you?” or, “You missed your kitchen, but you didn’t” or, “I only miss you when I do the laundry. Can you do my laundry for me? “
  • Flirt with her to make her feel like a sexy and desirable woman, rather than treating her like a neutral friend and making her feel like you are no longer interested in her sexually and romantically.

The more you attract your ex-girlfriend in new, interesting or attractive ways, the more she will feel that it is in her best interests to give you another chance, otherwise she will end up regretting it later.

However, if you try to get her back by giving her what she had with you in the past, or if you behave the way you did until, during and after the breakup, it certainly won’t be enough for her. .

So she will continue to try to find a replacement man to help her move forward and discourage you from trying to get her back.

2. Don’t immediately try to get her into a relationship.

You might be totally ready to resume a relationship with your ex right now, but she probably doesn’t feel the same way about you… yet.

You can change how she feels, but until then it’s a one-sided relationship (i.e. you feel drawn to her and want her to come back, but she doesn’t feel the same thing).

The thing is, when a woman breaks up with a guy, she will usually have disconnected from his feelings of respect, attraction and love for him beforehand.

Weeks, months, and sometimes even years in advance, a woman will begin to prepare to break up with her man and leave her man.

Then when she does eventually break up with him, she’ll usually be at a point (emotional) where she feels completely disconnected from him and ready to start moving on.

So if her ex then tries to get her to get back together, without reactivating her feelings first, rather than thinking, “Oh, wow – it seems so genuine to change and make me happy. Maybe I should give it another chance, ” she will usually think something like:“How can he even think that we find a relationship again?” Doesn’t he realize that my feelings for him are gone and that nothing of his actions and behavior has changed that so far? He wants me to come back now, but he hasn’t even changed yet. I have no guarantee that it will change and at this point I can’t be bothered to wait to see if that will happen. I fell in love with him a while ago and it feels too small, too late for me now. I’m finished.”

She then tells him that he doesn’t stand a chance with her, that she’s over and that he should just move on.

That is why, if you want another chance with your ex girlfriend, it is very important that you do not put any pressure on her to commit to having a relationship with you.

The best approach is to interact with her and focus on the fun and well-being when you talk to each other.

Make her laugh, smile and feel good talking to you, rather than making her feel tense, stressed, or pressured into making a commitment to get back together.

The more relaxed she feels when speaking to you on the phone or in person, the more open she becomes to see you in a different light.

Then, rather than focusing on your past mistakes, she will start to see the positive things about the new one and get better.

As a result, her guard will come down and she will start to reconnect with her sexual and romantic feelings for you.

At this point, she’ll feel like you and her are boyfriend and girlfriend again, but haven’t officially gotten back together.

She then wants to come back with you and explore her new feelings for you, rather than risk losing interest in you and moving on with another woman instead.

Another thing that will increase your chances of getting back with your ex girlfriend is …

3. Don’t waste time ignoring it for weeks or months

Sometimes a guy will make the mistake of thinking that giving his ex-girlfriend a lot of space will make him forgive his mistakes, regret it and want it.

She will then contact him and he will pick her up.

It sounds great, but it rarely works that way.


In most return situations, the woman has lost too much respect, attraction, and love for her ex to worry about him not contacting her again.

In fact, she will generally feel relieved and happy that he (her ex who she is no longer attracted to and wants to be with) isn’t trying to convince her to give him another chance.

She knows he could probably convince her to give him another chance if he attracted her again and seduced her, but if he doesn’t try, then she is free to continue with other men.

So what a woman will usually do is use the time that her ex is not contacting her to move on.

This usually involves going out with her single friends and meeting and meeting new guys, as the one-nighters she often doesn’t even admit to her friends (i.e. she says to her friends that she shared a cab or Uber with the guy, but she went out to her house and he came home. She never confesses to her future boyfriends, nor to her husband that she did one night).

Alternatively, she uses dating apps, line up a bunch of dates with random handsome men, hook up with one or two of them, and may eventually enter into a new relationship and fall in love.

Then, the moment his ex reaches out again, he is shocked and disappointed to find out that she has happily moved on and is enjoying the single life, or has fallen in love with a new guy and is in a committed relationship. with him now.

Her ex then finds himself devastated and wonders what is wrong.

He thought cutting off contact with an ex-wife was a great trick, but it wasn’t.


Unfortunately, what a guy like that often doesn’t realize is that ignoring an ex who doesn’t have feelings for you is the worst approach to getting her back.

The reality is that even if a woman still cares about her ex and secretly hopes that he tries to get her back, there is no guarantee that ignoring her for weeks (or a month or two) will get her back.

Instead, in most cases, the woman starts to think of things like, “Well, I guess he doesn’t have feelings for me after all. If he had, he would at least have called me to check on how I was, but he walked away and never looked back. What a fool I have been hoping we could eventually work things out, when he probably evolved into having sex with other women. Well, that’s enough. I’m done with him. Now it’s my turn to move on! “

She then opens up to going out, meeting, having sex with and dating new men.

Then when her ex finally gets in touch with her, she’ll probably say something along the lines of, “Why are you calling me now?” We have been separated for ages. I do not understand. Anyway, I see someone else now and I’m happy. So don’t call me back. Goodbye.”

So what should you do instead?

If you want to give your ex-girlfriend some space for things to calm down between you and her, that’s totally fine.

However, giving it more than 7 days of space is a waste of time.


Waiting longer than that can make a woman think you are no longer interested in her.

So, a woman will usually double her efforts to fully recover from you and move on.

Therefore, you should give it a few days to a week of space if you want.

During this time, you need to fully prepare yourself to provide her with an enhanced attraction experience when you interact with her again, so that she really feels motivated to come back with you.

Then call her on the phone, re-entice her, and make her want to catch up with you in person.

In person, fully reactivate her feelings for you and get her back.

This is how real men bring women back.

No games, just a natural attraction and a confident, assertive, loving approach that works.

4. Level up as a man she never expected

In order for a woman to want to give an ex-man another chance, she usually wants to see that he has become a man and is now able to offer him a new, exciting and different attraction experience than he is. had previously.

For example: he can now defend himself when she talks to him, but do so in a way that is light and relaxed, while still being assured.

As a result, he’s still a good guy, but he’s more manly or manly now, which she likes.

Alternatively, he’s more confident and self-assured now, he’s focused on his goals and ambitions and starting to make progress, or he makes her feel like a desirable woman rather than a neutral friend, boyfriend, or roommate.

If her ex can show her that he is not stuck at the same level as before, she will automatically start to feel an increase in respect and attraction for him.

She won’t necessarily jump on him and want him to come back immediately just for that, but it will make it easier for her to get her back as she will see that things would be really different now.

On the other hand, if a woman notices that her ex’s approach has not really changed or improved or has become unattractive in other respects (for example, he has become too nice, he tries to suck with her, he seems desperate and lost without her), she will feel like she would probably be better off without him.

As a result, she will want to keep moving on from the breakup.

By the way…

If you don’t know how to level up in a way that you find appealing, here are some questions to help you find out.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I make her feel feminine contrary to my masculine vibe and approach, or does she really have neutral and friendly feelings for me now, or worse, does she only have negative and uncomfortable feelings?
  • Am I still able to stay confident when she tries to test my confidence by being cold and distant, throwing a tantrum or pretending not to care anymore, or do I fall apart and get insecure and unsure of me under his pressure?
  • Do I believe in myself and in my worth to her no matter what, or do I feel like she’s out of my league and I was lucky enough to have her?
    Am I emotionally independent (that is, I don’t need his comfort to feel confident, happy, or self-confident), or am I clingy, needy, and insecure?
  • Do I make her feel that she has to make an effort to impress me and keep my interest, or am I too enthusiastic, kind and predictable so she doesn’t feel the need to impress me much, or not at all? ?
  • Am I able to break through his bad moods and make him smile, laugh, open up to me and want to be close to me, or do his moods intimidate and confuse me?

By asking yourself the questions above, you may have started to understand some of the ways that you had turned off, as well as how you can now re-attract her in ways that she never expected.

When you re-attract her in a way that she doesn’t expect, she suddenly feels drawn to you and realizes that she isn’t completely on you.

Plus, she realizes that if she gave you another chance it would be nice for her as well.

As a result, giving yourself another chance becomes something that she heats up.

However, if you get stuck at the same level you were before, not only will she not be interested in giving you another chance, but you’ll have a hard time finding or keeping another quality woman like her.

When a guy experiences this, he often ends up feeling unworthy of quality women (even if he’s more than worthy) and ultimately accepts a woman he’s not even very attracted to.

Then he spends his life secretly feeling miserable, missing his ex and wishing he could get him, or another quality woman like her.

Still, if he never improves his ability to attract and keep a quality woman, he will almost certainly have a hard time living in this area.

So be sure to level up (and quickly) before contacting her over the next week or so.

Don’t wait too long.

Make this happen ASAP and get her back.

5. Make her feel that if she came back with you now, it would be a whole new and enjoyable relationship dynamic.

Getting the right momentum in a relationship is the best way to make a woman feel motivated to be loving, caring, and dedicated to you for life.

It makes her feel like she made the right decision to be your daughter and that it would be almost impossible for her to find another man like you.

As a result, she doesn’t want to leave you and works hard to keep the relationship going and be a good woman to you.

On the flip side, if you mess up the relationship dynamics, a woman will be unhappy, fall for you over time, and start leaving you.

Eventually, when she’s ready to do it, she’ll break up with you and leave.

So if you want another chance with your ex girlfriend, it is essential that you understand how to make her feel that if she came back with you, now it would be a whole new and enjoyable relationship dynamic.

What are some examples of good or bad relationship dynamics?

  • A good relationship dynamic is when you are the most emotionally dominant, so that she can relax by thinking, acting and behaving like a feminine woman around you.
  • A bad relationship is dynamic when you are submissive, shy, hesitant and allow your wife to accompany you with her confident and dominant personality, which ends up making her feel like the boss of the relationship or like “the man. ”Or whoever wears the pants.
  • A good dynamic relationship is when you make your woman feel sexy and desirable.
  • Poor relationship dynamics are when you treat a woman more like a boyfriend, or end up taking her for granted and making her feel like you’re not really impressed with her looks or feminine appeal anymore.
  • A good relationship dynamic is when you believe in yourself and in your worth to a woman, which causes you to think, act, and behave in a confident and emotionally strong way.
  • A bad relationship dynamic is when you feel like you are very close to her and that she is out of your league, which can make you needy, clingy, jealous, and overly protective of her.

So, are you ready to interact with her today, make her feel drawn to the changes in you, and then get her back?

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