Great Debate:Is Rich Men Are Good Or Bad For Society

Is rich men are good or bad for society.This is very debatable topic.We are going to write essay on it.The peculiar tendency of the present age is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. So we have got a large number men or millionaires in every country. There are a few in England some in South Africa and a good many in the United States of America.

The question whether they advance or hinder the progress of the community they live in ultimately depends upon their individual character. Yet some generalisations are possible.Nothing is an unmixed evil or good in this world: so rich men help and hinder social welfare, but it seems that the amount of evil they do is greater than the amount of good.

Rich men own capital and they invest this capital in industries no doubt to increase their own wealth, but others indirectly profit by their investment and the cause of industry gains.

Why You Should Know Is Rich Men Are Good Or Bad For Society

They are a national asset and increase the credit and prestige of the nation.At lime they are liberal in their benefaction for public purposes. Andrew Carnegie has liberally contributed for Scotch universities and for public libraries of England and America, Cecil Rhodes founded a large number of scholarships for the British Empire, United States and Germany and the Rothschilds have been very liberal in public benefactions.

But when all’s said and done, it must be said that wealth is more evenly distributed when capital for industries is raised by a large number of investors of moderate means or by workmen themselves, than when it is invested by some rich men. The general community is ultimately more benefited in the former manner.

Combination of great capitalists can wreck smaller enterprises and establish a monopoly. Experience has taught how trust can inflict great hardship on consumers by raising prices.Man employed in capitalist-owned concerns are reduced to servitude and lose all initiative and energy. There is no scope for original views and independent action.The ideal state is that in which wealth is evenly distributed, and rich men are the greatest obstacles in the way.


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