Is it worth buying a used Nissan X-Trail

We tell you what problems you may encounter when buying a used Nissan and what to pay close attention to.Nissan X-Trail T31 series is in great demand in the secondary market. Is the second generation crossover so reliable? Let’s figure it out!

  • Russian buyers immediately fell in love with the second X-Trail, so two years after the model entered the market , its production was launched at a plant in St. Petersburg – this happened in 2009. And after another two years, the model survived restyling. In our country, Nissan X-Trail could be bought with one of three engines to choose from – two petrol (2.0 141 hp and 2.5 169 hp) and one diesel (2.0 150 hp). The drive is only complete with an electromagnetic clutch.
  • It is recommended to adjust the thermal valve clearances for a younger 141-horsepower engine (without hydraulic lifters) every 90,000 km. A typical tapping will indicate the need for this procedure. The timing chain resource is one of the weak points of this model. According to the regulations, the chain does not need to be replaced at all, however, as practice shows, it is better to replace it with a new one for 100–150 thousand km. Another tip from Nissan X-Trail owners  is that spark plugs need to be changed quite often (once every 40,000 km).
  • The biggest problem with this motor is the oil burner, and it can occur even on short runs. The only preventive measure in this case is chemical decoking. It should be borne in mind that the oil level control sensor may show incorrect values, so you should not blindly trust it. Much more reliable – systematically check the oil level with a dipstick .


The problems of the older gasoline engine are generally identical, although it has been significantly upgraded for installation on a second generation car. Diesel versions of the second generation Nissan X-Trail were not widely used in Russia.

It is the diesel engine that is distinguished by higher reliability, however, subject to a number of simple and easy rules.The first is refueling only with high-quality fuel. The second is the filling of proven technical fluids. Thirdly, all maintenance work is carried out strictly according to the schedule.

Automatic and manual transmissions, which were equipped with the second generation Nissan X-Trail, usually do not cause serious problems. But with the variator, the car was not lucky. It does not forgive either sharp accelerations or prolonged loads. In addition, it is very demanding on maintenance. Therefore, when choosing a crossover with a continuously variable transmission, it is first of all worth checking the level of the transmission fluid (by the way, it is recommended to change it every 50-50 thousand km). But even if the oil is in order, you still should not lose vigilance. Be sure to test drive and make sure the box works well.

The undercarriage is not distinguished by special endurance , but you can’t call it weak either. The suspension must be seriously revised at a run of about 100 thousand km. In general, the Nissan X-Trail is quite sensitive to the mode of operation and with age begins to require more and more careful treatment. At the same time, the cost of repair and maintenance of the crossover does not require serious financial investments.

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