Is it possible to delete a message sent by HouseParty?

Nowadays, thanks to globalization and technological creations, we have been able to find completely useful applications that unite us more every day. HouseParty is one of them, this program allows people to make group video calls , receiving the invitation through a notification to the contacts that are online within the same application.

Now, when you download Houseparty for PC, you can start with individual or group video calls. However, when sending a message to keep in touch, it may happen that these are not sent, or on your part, that you do not want to receive them. There are also other options to Houseparty that you might like like Google Hangouts . In any case, we will explain how to delete a message that has already been sent.

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  1. Is it possible to cancel the sending of messages in HouseParty?
  2. What alternative can you use so that no one can see your Houseparty messages?
  3. How to hide your Houseparty messages so no one can see them?
    1. Using the ‘Hide’ function to hide them

Is it possible to cancel the sending of messages in HouseParty?

The HouseParty application has a wide variety of options to keep you connected, it also has the feature that the notification appears on the screen when I am on a call . Also, from there, we must know that there is no direct way to delete the message that has already been sent within the Houseparty chat, as it may exist within other social applications.

An application very similar to this one to make video calls and send messages is the Skype platform, which, for its part, has the option to delete directly with a sent message . But Houseparty has a few ways of making it so that the people you’ve sent the message to won’t be able to see it. They are completely reliable alternatives.

What alternative can you use so that no one can see your Houseparty messages?

Many users who use this platform to communicate through video calls or messages often block people so that they don’t read the message you sent. However, it should be noted that this does not work at all, so you will have to unblock someone in HouseParty , since below we will show you the alternatives that you have available so that no one sees the message you sent .

Through the ghost method; Using this method, the message that was sent can be undone, but it will be deleted along with the messages that have already been shared together within the chat. Better known as “Ghosting”, this method will help you to prevent the other user from receiving notification of the message sent within Houseparty.

  1. To activate the option you must log in within the application
  2. Then the conversation in which you want to delete the message should open.
  3. The gear icon, located on the right side of the user’s name, will be clicked.
  4. Once there, it will enter the “Ghost” option by turning it on with a click.

Through the method of “Remove the user”, This method will help you to eliminate the messages that have been made within the house party chat. At the time of this being removed from “your home” it will automatically stop receiving notifications of messages sent. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  1. Open the conversation you want to delete.
  2. You must enter the “Gear” option and there click on the option “remove the user from home”

Through the “Cancel their friendship” method Here, at the time of canceling the friendship, they will be removed from your home, thus causing the messages to be deleted and they will stop receiving any type of notification and cannot communicate with you.

  1. You must enter the chat and click on the “gear” button
  2. Once there, go to the “no friend” option and activate it, causing the friendship to be canceled within the house party.

Through the method of “blocking” Finally, we find the option of blocking. Through this, the shared messages will be deleted and it will not have access to communicate or receive any notification from you. It should be noted that this option should be used in extreme cases , such as bullying, as this will need to be reported in the system. To do so, you must do the following:

  1. You must enter the person’s chat and locate yourself in the person’s name.
  2. On the right side of the name, click on the “gear” option and several more options will appear there.
  3. Locate “Block” and click there, accept the changes and that’s it, the user will be completely blocked.

How to hide your Houseparty messages so no one can see them?

In many cases, parties can be organized within the video calls that the house party application allows, as well as the options of entering a room or private party  or hiding messages so that no one can access them. To do the latter, you must activate the privacy option within the application.

Using the ‘Hide’ function to hide them

The “hide” function will help you hide the messages that can be sent within the platform. It is an easy-to-use option that is activated through the “Privacy” feature. By means of this, you will restrict the visits to your messages only with the people or groups that you want them. In such a case, you can set that the messages can only be seen by you. Simply, you will have to set the privacy option.

It is highly recommended to activate the hide option in privacy, since it will help prevent anyone from gaining access to your rooms, parties, meetings or messages sent through the house party.


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