Is it dangerous to sell your old router?

It is very common to have an old router at home. For example, if we have changed Internet companies and they have given us a new, more powerful one, we will keep the old one in case it is necessary or also to turn it into a repeater. But sometimes the possibility arises of selling it online or in a second-hand store. Although we do not get much, it is an option. Now, is this safe or can we have problems?

Can an old router store information?

This may be the question that many ask. For example, when selling a mobile or computer, it is clear that everything we have stored can be available to whoever buys it, unless we format the device. So could a router save browsing data, for example?

Keep in mind that routers store certain information , although it is far from similar to other devices. Its main function is to allow devices to be connected and thus offer a network connection. Internet traffic, the pages we visit or the services we use, is not saved and the data that it may store is encrypted. There are many uses that we can give an old router .

However, a router does store information related to the operator’s configuration, the network name, the access password, the DNS servers used, the settings we have configured … If we sell a router without taking measures, this data could be seen by the buyer.

But of course, can that information really affect us ? This is data that has little value, unless we make certain mistakes. For example, we put a username that we are not interested in that can be seen by anyone, as well as the password to access the wireless network. An important mistake would be to use a password that we are using on social networks or any other online platform.

In addition, there are some routers that allow you to configure certain parameters for those who ask for an e-mail address and even services that can know our location. This is not in all devices, but it is possible to find it.

Resetting the router before selling is a good solution

To avoid any kind of problem, a very interesting option is to reset the router completely before selling it. This will remove any settings, any data or information that we have changed. Basically the new owner will receive it as it left the factory. This sometimes even improves the connection .

Each router has a button to reset it . For this we will have to use a small object and press it for a few seconds until the process begins. This will allow all that information to be removed. For example, the name of the network will return to the original, the password the default, the password to access the configuration, etc.

Once this is done we can check if it has really been done correctly or not. To do this we will only have to enter the router through the configuration, which is usually through the default gateway, and see if the name of the Wi-Fi network, the password and any type of password have really been changed. setting.


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