iPad Air vs iPad PRO 2024 What are their differences?

The tablet market is constantly evolving, with Apple at the forefront with its innovative iPad devices, and with recent developments, as the models have been recently updated. However, doubts arise when choosing between these two models, since they have different characteristics and prices. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the differences between the iPad Air vs iPad PRO 2024 , comparing aspects such as performance, screen, cameras, battery, and price. This way, you can make an informed decision about which tablet best suits your needs and budget.

iPad Air vs iPad PRO 2024 What are their differences?

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  • iPad Air vs iPad PRO 2024 technical specifications
  • Battle iPad Air vs iPad PRO 2024
    • Design and Size
    • Screen
    • Hardware performance
    • Camera
    • Audio
    • Autonomy and charging
  • Conclusion

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iPad Air vs iPad PRO 2024 technical specifications

iPad Pro 2024 iPad Air 2024
Panel type 11-inch OLED display @ 120 Hz
13-inch OLED display @ 120 Hz
11-inch Liquid Retina (IPS) @ 60Hz
13-inch Liquid Retina (IPS) @ 60Hz
Dimensions 11″ : 24.97×17.75×0.53 cm
13″ : 28.16×21.55×0.51 cm
11″ : 24.76×17.85×0.61 cm
13″ : 28.06×21.49×0.61 cm
Weight 11″ : 444 g
13″ : 579 g
11″ : 461 g
13″ : 617 g
Colors Space Black and Silver Space Grey, Star White, Purple and Blue
Screen technologies Promotion, True Tone, Wide color gamut (P3), Full lamination, Anti-reflective film True Tone, Wide color gamut (P3), Full lamination, Anti-reflective film
maximum brightness 1,000 nits (1,600 nits in HDR) 500 nits
Resolution 11″ : 2,420×1,668 at 264 p/p
13″ : 2,752×2,064 at 264 p/p
11″ : 2,360 x1,640 pixels at 264 p/p
13″ : 2,732×2,048 pixels at 264 p/p
SoC M4 M2
Unified memory 8GB and 16GB 8GB
OS iPadOS 17 (upgradable) iPadOS 17 (upgradable)
Storage 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB flash (without card slot) 128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB (without card slot)
Rear camera 12 MP wide angle 12 MP wide angle
Front camera 12MP Ultra Wide Angle 12MP Ultra Wide Angle
Audio 4 horizontal stereo speakers 2 horizontal stereo speakers
Battery Autonomy of up to 10 hours

Li-Po of approximately 32Wh or 8300 mAh for the 11″

Li-Po of approximately 39Wh or 10340 mAh for the 13″

Fast charging up to 20W via USB-C

Autonomy of up to 10 hours

Li-Po of approximately 29Wh or 7670 mAh for 11″

Li-Po of approximately 36.5Wh or 9700 mAh for 13″

Fast charging up to 20W via USB-C

Biometric sensors Face ID Touch ID
Compatible pen Apple Pencil USB-C and Apple Pencil Pro Apple Pencil USB-C and Apple Pencil Pro
Smart Connector Yeah Yeah
Supported keyboards Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Magic Keyboard
Base price 11″ : 1,199 euros
13″ : 1,549 euros
11″ : 699 euros
13″ : 949 euros

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Battle iPad Air vs iPad PRO 2024

iPad Air

iPad Air

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

If we compare the two new generations of Apple tablets, the iPad Air M2 (2024) and iPad Pro M4 (2024) , we can see some significant differences that can make you choose one or the other, depending on your needs. To see it in detail, let’s go in parts…

Design and Size

  • Both iPad Air and Pro come in 11-inch and 13-inch models.
  • The iPad Air retains the previous design with thicker bezels compared to the redesigned, ultra-thin iPad Pro.
  • The iPad Air weighs a little more than the iPad Pro.
  • Both are compatible with the new Apple Pencil Pro and previous Apple Pencils.
  • The iPad Air remains compatible with previous Magic Keyboard accessories, while the iPad Pro M4 features a new Magic Keyboard with a larger trackpadand a row of function keys.


  • Both iPads offer the same screen size, but the technology differs. The iPad Pro M4 features an all-new Tandem OLED displaywith superior color balance, higher brightness (1000 nits SDR, 1600 nits peak HDR), and a 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate (dubbed Ultra Retina XDR). The iPad Air M2 sticks to a 60Hz (Liquid Retina) LCD display with a lower maximum brightness (500 nits, 600 nits for the 13-inch model).
  • Both share premium features like laminated construction and anti-reflective coating.
  • The iPad Pro M4 offers an optional nano-textured glassupgrade for further reflection reduction.
  • The iPad Air M2 now supports the Apple Pencil hover feature for cursor control.

Hardware performance

  • Both use Apple M processors. But the iPad Pro M4 features the newer M4 chip (second-generation 3nm process), which is claimed to be 50% faster than the M2 in the iPad Air M2 and iPad Pro (2022).
  • The M4 GPU supports advanced features such as Dynamic Caching, Mesh Shading and Ray Tracing, capabilities present in the M3, but not in the Air’s M2.
  • The iPad Pro M4 features Thunderboltports for faster file transfer speeds, while the iPad Air M2 uses USB 3.


  • Both have a 12MPwide front camera with Center Stage and a 12MP rear camera.
  • The difference is that the iPad Pro M4 introduces a new adaptive True Tone flash for better color balance in document photos, and retains the LiDAR sensorfor augmented reality applications, while the iPad Air M2 lacks it.


  • The iPad Air has dual speakers (horizontal stereo).
  • The iPad Pro offers a superior four-speaker configuration for a wider, more immersive sound experience for gaming or video, as they are strategically distributed horizontally.

Autonomy and charging

  • Both iPads are expected to deliver similar battery life, around 10 hoursof screen-on time for typical use. However, heavy workloads can reduce battery life to around 6 hours.
  • Although the Pro’s batteries have a higher capacity than the Air’s, the hardware is also superior, so it consumes more, hence they have similar autonomy…


In conclusion, the best option for you depends on your budget and priorities. If you are looking for the latest features and money is not a major issue, then the iPad Pro M4 is your choice. However, for most users, the iPad Air M2 offers excellent value for money and great performance at a more affordable price…


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