iOS 15: How to view EXIF ​​photo metadata

We saw the introduction of iOS 15, together with iPadOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15, three weeks ago, at the introductory presentation of the WWD21 developer conference. Currently, it is possible to test all systems in advance within the developer beta versions, but it is necessary to take into account that they may be full of various bugs. Although it may not have seemed at first glance, there are really countless innovations available in the mentioned systems. In our magazine, we gradually address all these innovations and bring you articles in which you will learn everything you need to know about them. In this article, we’ll focus on one of the enhancements to Photos in iOS 15.

iOS 15: How to view EXIF ​​photo metadata

When you take a photo on your iPhone or camera, the image itself is not the only data that is saved. In addition to it, metadata, ie data about data, is also stored. In the case of a photo, it is, for example, the place, time and date taken, information about the device (or lens) that was used to take the photo, the camera settings, etc. is stored. If you wanted to view this data in iOS, you had to download a third party application. But that is finally changing – in iOS 15 it is possible to view photo metadata easily directly in the Photos application. Just follow these steps:

  • First, you need to move to the Photosapp on your iPhone with iOS 15 .
  • Once you’ve done so, find the photoin the album for which you want to see metadata.
  • After finding the photo, clickin the classic way to display it in full screen.
  • Then all you have to do is tap the iconat the bottom of the screen .
  • Immediately after, the metadata will appear at the bottom of the EXIF ​​screen.

Therefore, you can use the above method to view metadata for a photo. In addition to being able to view them, you can also work with them, which we have already shown in our magazine. Specifically, you can change the time and date of shooting. Just click Edit at the top right of the metadata interface, then change the information. In addition, you can also view a map with a picture taken. Alternatively, if you did not take the picture, but saved it from an application, you can see which application it was. If you click on the name of the application here, you will see all the images that were saved from this particular application.


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