iOS 15: How to update a web page in Safari

At the moment, several long weeks have passed since the introduction of the new operating systems. Specifically, Apple introduced iOS and iPadOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 at this year’s WWDC development conference. All of these systems were available to developers for testing immediately after the introductory presentation, and public beta versions for all testers. These operating systems include countless new features, and it should be noted that along with the advent of new beta versions, Apple adds additional features or improves existing ones. In this tutorial, we’ll look again at another feature from iOS 15.

iOS 15: How to update a web page in Safari

In addition to introducing new operating systems, Apple also came up with a new version of the Safari web browser, for both iOS and iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 Monterey. After the first launch of the new Safari, you may notice noticeable design changes – the most significant is the relocation of the address bar from the top of the screen downwards, thanks to which it will be possible to easily control the Safari with one hand. In addition, the procedures for updating pages in Safari from iOS 15 have changed. Specifically, there are several of these procedures available – this is one of them:

  • First, you need to move to Safarion your iPhone with iOS 15 .
  • Once you have done so, move to the panel with the page you want to update.
  • Then move all the way upon the page .
  • Then you need to swipe your finger from top to bottom on the page.
  • loading wheelappears indicating an update, and then the page refreshes.

In addition to the above procedure can also update the page by clicking on the right of the address bar to the share icon , and then select the following option Reload. In the latest beta versions of iOS 15, it is then possible to update the page simply by clicking on the small rotating arrow icon next to the domain name in the address bar. But the truth is that this arrow is really small, so you don’t always have to hit it exactly. It should also be noted that Apple is constantly changing the look of Safari, so it is possible that some procedures will soon be different – after all, major changes occurred after the release of the fourth developer beta, compared to the third.


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