iOS 15: How to Deactivate Night Mode Auto Power On in the Camera

If we look at the quality of photos and videos on iPhones, we find that they rank at the top of the world rankings every year. What we will lie about, the quality of the camera, and therefore the entire photo system, is absolutely great not only with the latest apple phones. In many cases, we now have a problem recognizing that a photo or video was taken with an iPhone. Every year, Apple strives to improve the camera system and camera functions, which each of us will definitely appreciate. With the arrival of the iPhone 11, we also saw the Night Mode, thanks to which the iPhone is able to capture beautiful photos even in poor lighting conditions.

iOS 15: How to Deactivate Night Mode Auto Power On in the Camera

But the truth is that Night Mode is not completely suitable in all cases. An even bigger problem for some may be that it activates automatically when darkness or poor lighting is detected. So if the user doesn’t want to use it right now, they have to deactivate it manually, which will take some time – and during that time the object you want to take a picture may disappear. If you are annoyed by the automatic activation of Night Mode in the Camera, then I have great news for you. It will be possible to deactivate this function in iOS 15. Just follow this procedure:

  • First, you need to switch to the native Settingsapp on your iPhone with iOS 15 .
  • Once you have done so, scroll down and click on the Camerabox .
  • Then, in the top category, locate the line titled Keep Settings,and click it.
  • All you have to do here is activatethe Night mode option with the switch .
  • Then return to the desktop and open the Cameraapp .
  • Finally, all you have to do is manually deactivate Night Modeonce and for all .

Using the above method, it is therefore possible to deactivate the automatic start of Night Mode on the iPhone. Specifically, this procedure ensures that the apple phone remembers whether you have deactivated Night Mode or left it active even after leaving the Camera application. By default, after leaving the Camera, the Night Mode function (and some others) will return to its original state, so the function will be activated automatically. Note, however, that once you activate Night Mode again, it will remain active after leaving the Camera. Finally, I would just like to point out that Night Mode is only available on iPhones 11 and later

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