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An investment simulator serves to help an investor to plan and have a more appropriate application as he establishes his objectives.

It is a way of knowing whether your investment, possible investments and also compound interest will be positive for your plans.

This is an excellent tool for deciding and comparing the best investment options for you, although it certainly has some details that should have your attention on the simulator.

Fixed Income Investment Simulator 

There are fixed investment simulators for fixed income which allows you to filter all investment options according to category, profitability, issuer, term and minimum investment.

Which makes it possible for you to analyze the investment according to its progressive performance, discount rates and can even compare one investment with another to find the best option.

This investment simulator works in a simple way by selecting the amount you want to invest, it also sets the term for which you want to invest. This creates a metric of expected profitability based on the products available.

If you decide to compare modalities this is an excellent option to compare which investment will be best for you over time. After the calculation will show the values ​​of each investment after the desired term.

Savings vs. Simulator Fixed Income 

Many people believe they are safe with money in savings, and in fact they are compared to those who are not investing or are able to keep money saved.

However, it is well known that this is not the best option for those who want to make their money pay. That is why there are also tools that compare your investment in savings against that of fixed income.

Using this investment simulator it becomes much clearer to know in which application to leave your money, making it yield much more than in savings.

Direct Treasure Simulator 

There is also an option for a specific investment simulator for investment in Tesouro Direto. In it you can get a rough idea of ​​how your money can yield in the various securities available within the Treasury.

It is an excellent research tool, since you can select a term, define a monthly contribution, all that is necessary to predict how much money you will have after a selected time.

Another option to make this specific calculation is to use a calculator that is available on the Central Bank website which helps to simulate the recurring application after the application of compound interest.

Treasury Direct vs. Investment Simulator Private Pension 

Thinking about Social Security and the future has really been a very discussed issue in the lives of Brazilians. However, there are several forms of investments that can help you choose the best one for your future.

Some securities available at Tesouro Direto such as the IPCA yield above inflation, helping to ensure excellent profitability. And they contribute to being a great ally against possible devaluation.

On the other hand, Private Pension works with cloths such as PGBL and VGBL made by financial institutions that are not covered by the Credit Guarantee Fund.

Then, use a specific investment simulator between the profitability on both investments focused on what will be better for your future if you decide any of the applications.

Compound Interest Investment Simulator

The specific investment simulator for compound interest is one of the most used tools for those who wish to invest. Since interest on interest is capable of making great things happen to your money.

Most fixed income simulators are already built with formulas aimed at using compound interest. However, when your money is invested, whether in the Treasury, CDB or any other investment, it is important that you use the investment simulator to analyze the income.

Debt Settlement Investment Simulator 

The investment simulator tool specifically for those who are in a complex financial situation, since it is possible to compare current debts with other more economical credit options.

It is in this way that they can request support to decide how to make debts cheaper and especially to make them one. This investment simulator allows you to enter the total amount of the debt and the contracted interest. Thus the final value appears in other types of credit.

Remembering that if this is your case, you should pay attention to establishing a reasonable payment amount that fits your budget, otherwise it can worsen the already complex situation.

LCI and CBD Investment Simulator 

In the case of the tool for LCI and CBD applications. It is important to remember that in the case of LCI this investment is exempt from IR, the simulators already take this into account.

They usually serve to compare the investment with the CBD, Tesouro Direto and savings so that you can have a tangible sense of which is the best option for you.

In the CDB investment simulator, the comparison is usually made with the CDI. The simplest simulators show only the results against the CDB, showing the different titles of the CDI.

Take into account that at the CDB you are lending money to a certain bank and will receive interest for that transaction. It is a profitability that usually has advantages, different from savings.

However, even so there are some CDBs that do not provide great advantages for the customer. Pay attention to compound interest and abuse the investment forecasting tool to decide the best option.

Investment Simulator for Stock Exchange 

This tool is also available for investments on the Stock Exchange. The investment simulator of this function compares the profitability of each asset to make future projections.

Which means that they show how much you would have earned so far if you had decided to invest in a certain stock or portfolio and track that index. This option is one of the only ones that uses the past to the present.
Even though the investment simulator is different, it is interesting to make decisions about fixed and variable income, which is an issue that is usually complex for beginning investors.


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