Intimate epilation: all types and everything you need to know!

It was the time when we waxed just so the hairs wouldn’t show up when wearing a bikini… The preference among Brazilian women now is to take everything off, betting on intimate waxing . After all, being free of hair gives us the feeling of greater hygiene and, above all, greater sensuality during sex – and it’s not just because men love it …

Since hair removal is one of the most popular beauty treatments for women, I decided to record a video with the main questions and answers about intimate hair removal . Watch and stop believing in several myths about this practice!

So that you really don’t have any more doubts, I’ll also talk more about it in this post, delving into some common questions among readers!

In this article I will talk about:

  • What is intimate waxing
  • Advantages of doing intimate hair removal
  • What are the most common types of intimate hair removal
  • Care you should take when waxing

What is intimate waxing

It is worth explaining what intimate waxing is , because there are many people who still confuse it with waxing the groin, and it’s not the same!

The intimate shaving made the reputation of Brazil over the world, who ever heard of “Brazilian waxing” ? It is our export model hair removal!

It can be complete, not leaving a single strand, or leave a minimum streak of hair in the frontal region. There are also women who perform intimate artistic waxing , in formats such as heart, letter of the husband’s name …

In intimate waxing , hair is removed from the labia majora, externally and internally, and hair from the anus can also be removed, a practice that has become quite popular.

Advantages of doing intimate hair removal

Hair removal is a totally personal topic, each woman has her preference and her reasons for doing it. Anyway, I will share my insights on the main advantages of doing intimate waxing . Do you agree with them?

  • The vaginal area is less stuffy with the removal of hair, preventing the appearance of fungi and, even, bad odors.
  • You feel cleaner, especially during your menstrual period or after playing sports.
  • There is no scientific explanation for this, but the feeling of pleasure can increase during sex, because you feel safer right now.
  • If you like to receive oral sex , being shaved is an extra incentive for your partner, since most are very attracted to women who shave everything!

Since we are talking about oral sex, I wanted to point out another video from my YouTube channel, in which I tell you the main mistakes that men make when practicing it. Have you ever experienced any of these situations?

How to do intimate waxing?

As with epilation in other regions, there are different methods for epilating the intimate part. Find out more about them and how they adapt to the vaginal region:

Laser waxing

This option is definitive, ideal for those who do not want to suffer the rest of their lives with intimate hair removal . With 10 sessions you are free of hair, unless you have any later hormonal dysfunction.

While the process lasts, however, you can only shave with methods that do not remove hair from its root, such as a razor or cream. Other precautions are necessary to guarantee the success of the treatment, such as not sunbathing in the region before or after the sessions.

Last detail you need to know: in this case, the hair root needs to be dark. Therefore, unfortunately, laser hair removal is not an alternative for those who are blonde or natural redhead.


This is one of the most popular and also most effective methods for intimate hair removal . If done with hot wax, the heat opens your pores, making hair removal easier and the removal process less painful. Anyone who prefers cold wax needs to be quite brave!

There are some precautions that must be taken when waxing, especially in preventing folliculitis (ingrown hairs). Very light-skinned women may also be stained or bruised, as this is a very sensitive part of the body. In such cases, it is possible to use an anesthetic ointment before the procedure.

Razor shaving

Despite being practical at home, razor shaving is not recommended for the vaginal region. In addition to the risk of cuts and allergies, the hair grows quickly, and it is necessary to repeat the process frequently.

Another disadvantage of doing intimate shaving with a razor is that the skin ends up getting darker, since you shave off part of it along with the hair. I only recommend it in urgent cases!

Epilation with depilatory cream

This is a painless option and can be done at home, when emergencies arise in which you need to be up to date with epilation. You know what they are, don’t you?

Before doing intimate epilation with depilatory cream, read the package well and do tests on other regions of the body, to see if it can be used in the vaginal region. Otherwise, you may be injured or have allergies.

In this case, as with razor shaving, the hair grows quickly. However, it is not recommended to use the cream very often, as there is a greater risk of allergies. If you want to always be shaved, it may not be the best option.

What is the best intimate waxing?

When it comes to hair removal, there is no rule! Each woman knows her body and knows what type of hair removal works best, avoiding allergies, bruises and itches.

Of course, the more lasting methods, like wax and laser, end up being more practical, after all you won’t have to remove the wires all the time. And you will always be prepared to live your moments of pleasure with epilation on time!

Intimate epilation care

The groin and the vaginal region are extremely delicate parts of our body. So don’t think that intimate waxing is the same as removing hair from your leg or armpit!

Special care is required if you choose intimate waxing . Meet the main ones!

  • If you can’t guarantee yourself waxing yourself, do it with a professional . Otherwise, you may end up with a poorly made or worse, bruised epilation!
  • Total intimate epilation can be harmful to health , as hair acts as a natural barrier to infections and vaginal diseases . You can evaluate the possibility of just reducing hair to preserve your body. Otherwise, the periodic exams requested by the gynecologist become even more important for you!
  • Whichever type of intimate epilation you choose, it is essential to be very clean in the vaginal area when performing it.  This will avoid any risk of infection from cuts or bruises.
  • It is also necessary to take care of your personal hygiene very carefully after you have shaved, using vaginal soaps for the best result.
  • With laser or waxing, it is almost impossible to escape the pain. You can, however, avoid shaving when you are in PMS , when we are most sensitive.
  • Avoid applying products to the vaginal area after epilation, at least for 24 hours. Do not use ointments, moisturizers and any other similar product that can clog your pores or cause irritation.

Epilation: do what your wish sends!

Now that you know the main secrets about intimate hair removal , it is worthwhile to make an important reflection, which applies to several other situations in our life.

There are women, like me, who feel even more powerful doing intimate waxing and who don’t mind going through this procedure often. On the contrary, it even becomes a beauty habit!

In any case, remember that you must not do anything in your body that is against your will. No shaving everything just because your partner asked, the desire must come from you!

If this happens, be sure to talk to him and reach a consensus on what can please both of them. Remember that dialogue is very important for any relationship to stay healthy. Complicity and companionship are worth more than anything!

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