International Women’s Day: check out 5 graphic products to give as a gift

t seems a challenge to think of a souvenir to congratulate and remember each woman for her strength in facing all kinds of obstacles in her day to day, doesn’t it? In order not to go blank, how about using graphic products for International Women’s Day?

With creativity, beauty and innovation, it is possible to honor those who with much struggle and persistence have conquered their spaces and respect in society. Therefore, giving gifts to women on March 8 is an important gesture.

With that in mind, we have separated some tips for graphic products that can be created for International Women’s Day. Check out!

International Women’s Day: check out 5 graphic products to give as a gift

1. Custom pens

The custom pens are good gift options to be useful, elegant, delicate and great finish.

After being personalized, it becomes an exclusive piece. In addition, the company can also print its logo. Thus, it is possible to publicize and promote your brand with customers and employees. 

If you want to increase it, you can also make a pen holder to make your souvenir even more incredible.

2. Sustainable cards

If your company has a sustainable footprint, how about offering a souvenir produced with a material that does not harm the environment? A good idea in this regard is to take advantage of sustainable cards to honor women.

With them you also remember the importance of caring for the planet for the next generations of warriors, in addition to, of course, improving the image of your brand.

3. Notebooks

Notebooks,  diaries or notepads are super cool gifts, especially for women who like to write down many things. The advantage of this type of memory is that it is super versatile, since it can be used in personal life or in the office.

And if this gift comes with a treat, like personalized bookmarks with images or messages of resilience, the woman will feel happier and more confident.

4. Banners and posters

How about welcoming employees and customers differently? Banners and posters allow you to create creative content that catches the attention of women. They can be made in various sizes and designs to be applied in different locations.

Due to its size, you can make the message stand out and thus have a greater impact and prominence. Don’t forget to use quality images to make the message more attractive.

5. Stickers

The stickers are also interesting graphic products to use on International Women’s Day. They are very flexible, as they have different colors and formats, and can be used to compose the decoration of companies, or to be distributed among employees and customers. 

International Women’s Day is the time to celebrate social, political and economic achievements, and remember the fight for equal rights, full citizenship and fighting violence.

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