The International Day of Archeology: July 11

As many of you know last Friday, July 11, The Day of Archeology was celebrated .

The initiative

This initiative, which has been carried out once a year since 2011 , consists of hundreds of volunteer archaeologists from all over the world showing through the Day of Archeology website what they are really doing, their day to day.

How to take part

Any archaeologist who wants to can participate, regardless of whether you are a student, are part of an international archaeological excavation , work in a museum, prepare a doctoral thesis or follow a road. You can publish a post (or all you want) and accompany it with photos, videos, …

Our experience in 2014

For us, who have discovered this year this “ archeologist’s party ”, the truth is that we have loved it. Fun, curious, informative posts are published … and in this way you can see what hundreds of archaeologists like you are involved in around the world.

The Day of Archeology on twitter

In addition, at least this year, it has had a considerable impact on social networks , especially on Twitter, with two hashtags #dayofarch and #dayofarcheology (let’s see if we unify a little next year  ).

Participation in Spain

In Spain there have been very varied participations , from the Regional Archaeological Museum of Madrid to various companies such as Intelligent Heritage, Ondare Babesa, Jas Arqueología or we, Lure Arqueología. We have also been told about the day to day of the archaeologists of various research projects , such as Cástulo (with a video that reconstructs the city in 3D that we liked very much), Pollentia, and the Sima de las Palomas de Torre-Pacheco or the Mauranus Project, with the excavation of the Cueva de Riocueva, presented by its co-director Enrique Gutierrez Cuenca. Underwater archeologists have also participated , such as Jose Manuel Matés Luque with his “ being an archaeologist and surviving in the attempt”With whom we feel very identified.

A good welcome

In short, a very good initiative and a very good reception in general. From here we encourage all of you who have not participated to do so next year. Here we leave you the link to our article , our small contribution, which we hope you like (yes, in English).

Something to improve for next year

To finish only the wish that next year we achieve that this “archeology day” gets a place in the media . Let’s see if we move it more in the previous days and we get mentioned in newspapers and television. In this way we will be able to better fulfill the initial objective of this day, that is, to spread and bring our work closer to society so that we are better known and understood . Another improvement that we propose from here is that the different articles can be filtered on the Day of Archeology website. Something like: the most read, the most voted, those of England, etc, etc. We know it is a lot of work but it would really improve the usability of the web.   Happy Archeologist day to all!


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