International Anti Corruption day date, theme, slogan, poem, speech

International Anti Corruption day date, theme, slogan, poem, speech

Corruption is a problem all over the world, which can be seen in almost every country, its prevalence may be less, but no country can claim that they are free from corruption, and spread everywhere International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) is observed on 9 December every year to deal with this moral illness.

What is corruption? (Corruption Meaning)

In fact, corruption is the evil prevailing in the society, due to which not only moral degradation of the society is happening, but it is also attacking the economic stability of the society. Not only big and big politicians are involved in corruption, but many people can be seen involved in this, even at the small level, in which people related to police, educational sector and even hospital and health related matters can be seen. . Corruption causes economic, social and moral degradation of any democratic country, it also works to create instability in government. Corruption can disrupt the election process in a democracy . The country’s security and economic problems are also linked to it. The countries whose names figure in the most corrupt countries of the world are Haiti, Iraq, North Korea, Venezuela, Somalia and Afghanistan.

Types of Corruption at present

Corruption is such an inherited asset, which people are promoting every day by hollowing out the country.

“India ranks 94th in the world in terms of corruption “

According to a 2005 survey, more than 62% of Indians get their jobs done easily, by giving bribes from small government offices to the government, to get their work done quickly. Every day, a new corruption or the biggest scam ever happened in India comes out in the  newspaper  . Earlier, there used to be a value of one rupee, today in crores, corruption or scam has started. It has started happening in many ways. like-

  1. Corruption from private offices to government offices– Corruption is a form of evil, which is easily adopted by the public at times to get work done quickly, and sometimes at will. The person made his work by feeding him money. And that officer sitting on the chair also embraced corruption due to greed of money. Corruption is involved in corruption, from a small private office, to the largest government department, whether it is the police system, the court or the government itself.
  2. Corruption in media– Currently, the means of communication is being developed and used very rapidly. The means of social networking are available to every person – TV, laptop, mobile, radio, news paper. Media has become the medium of every good and bad information. People have purchased this medium and have it operated according to themselves. Due to which corruption has been further promoted.
  3. Corruption in forming a government– the government that governs the country. There was corruption to make it too. Elections are for sale , from the vote to the seat of Parliament . False and never fulfilled promises made by the media. On the basis of that belief, the leader whom the people have chosen with full confidence, they themselves are involved in corruption.
  4. Corruption in business– There is no area left where there is no corruption. So how can business remain untouched. The news of adulteration is heard every day in every industry, from small to small. To avoid all this, a big industrialist is promoting corruption by feeding money to every department.
  5. Miscellaneous form of corruption– It is not necessary that corruption is done by giving money to someone. There are many other forms of corruption, such as
  • Giving false information about something,
  • Tax evasion,
  • Adulterate things,
  • Black marketing
  • Bribery / Bribery

Apart from this, all those things whose purpose is wrong and promote evil, come under corruption.

When did corruption start?

In the olden times, when India used to be a slave of the British, at that time , with the policy of ” divide and rule” , corruption took birth in India. The great King-Maharaja also increased corruption by engaging with the British, indulging in the greed of power and capital. Since then, corruption has been increasing very rapidly till date.

International Anti-Corruption Day History ( History Of International Anti Corruption Day )

According to 58/4 resolution of 31 October 2003, the General Assembly had announced to celebrate International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 th of December. The purpose of this decision was to make people aware and make the voice against corruption of United Nations Convention more powerful. In order to speed up its implementation, the assembly called for all states and organizations for competent regional economic integration to sign the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and implement all its rules with immediate effect. UNCAC is the first international corruption organization that looks after the work of curbing corruption on a global scale, thus the International Day of Corruption was declared on 9 December 2003. The United Nations Assembly had made this arrangement to raise their voice against corruption and prevent it.

The official reason for giving it was also given by the U.N., under which the U.N. said “This problem is very complex and widespread, it can be removed only by paving the way for the advancement of society, by this on the process of ethical value and justice Faith of common people will be maintained ”. When the day was first organized, the organizers of the United Nations Developer Program and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime had said that anti-corruption intolerance has increased. The reason behind this is the increase in the number of crimes of people associated with politics. Then the organizer of the United Nations Developer Program and United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime had said that now the intolerance against corruption has increased. The reason behind this is the increase in the number of crimes of people associated with politics. Then the organizer of the United Nations Developer Program and United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime had said that now the intolerance against corruption has increased. The reason behind this is the increase in the number of crimes of people associated with politics.

Why are observed ( Why It Celebrate )

It is natural for any person to doubt the integrity and originality of any person due to corruption. It also affects the image of those who have power and power. This reduces the stability of the government, and makes the country economically backward. Corruption can be done in many ways, for which only illegal money transactions are not a standard. But anyone who is a victim of corruption has only one desire to get justice and punish the accused, but the process of justice in this direction can take time while doing its work. And with time, those issues start to lose their existence, in such a situation, to make the common people aware on corruption related matters, to speed up the process of justice, to create corruption among the corrupt officials and for the common law and order related to corruption and related matters. It becomes necessary to consider the issues,

When will Manay be celebrated in International Anti-Corruption Day 2018  ? (International Anti Corruption day 2018 Date)

 This time the 16th International Anti-Corruption Day will be celebrated and this time due to Sunday it will be a holiday in the government offices, while last year it came on Saturday, so all government offices and educational institutions could be included in its event. Anyway, it is not a public holiday but a global observance day.

This year, International Anti-Corruption Day will be celebrated every year on 9 December 2018, the day on Sunday.

International Anti-Corruption Day objective (Objectives of International Anti Corruption day)

The main purpose of celebrating this day is that public awareness against corruption can be communicated to the government and the people involved in law and justice system. So that the common people are not only aware of their rights, but also the power-rich class and those who indulge in corruption can also be made against the law. And on this certain day, all the problems related to corruption can be discussed, and appropriate steps can be taken to bring justice to the aggrieved class.

International  Anti-Corruption Day Theme and Slogans (Anti-Corruption Day Themes and Slogan)

Posters, slogans and other promotional items are also decided on International Anti Corruption Day, in which 2 lines are written on corruption. In the first line, “CORRUPTION” is written in big and red words and in the second line your No Counts are written. Most of the words in the second line are written in black letters, just NO (NO) is written in bold and red in a white bubble.

In this event, the UN logo is used for promotion, which is a blue symbol, in which the map of the world appears centered on the North Pole and the branches of the Olive tree start from under this circle. They are surrounded in both directions. Olive’s branches are an indicator of peace, while the world map is the area where the UN oversees peace, harmony and security. The projection of the map is 60 degrees south latitude and includes 5 concentric circles.

How to celebrate it ( How To Celebrate, 20l8 Events )

International Anti-Corruption Day is a time in which all politicians, government, legal institutions can come together and unite against corruption, and discuss the issues related to this issue. Measures to fight corruption and reduce fraud can be discussed. To make the common people aware, such events can be organized where there can be discussion on how they can avoid corruption and protect their interests. Apart from this, music and play can be done in which the message of fighting corruption is given, and through this, efforts should be made to bring awareness.

A person suffering from corruption can be presented as a keynote speaker at an event, who can share his experiences while fighting corruption with the people who came to the program and also inspire them, or all such victims. Only by organizing a program, arrangements can be made to solve their problem.

To tackle the problem of corruption, all countries globally need to unite in this direction, so if one day of the year is fixed, when the issues related to this issue are discussed, then the issue It can be understood seriously, and it is necessary to celebrate Anti-Corruption Day only to fulfill this purpose.

Poetry on corruption

Who is the corrupt era brother, who will tell the problem , how will everyone tackle it under the table

Be it a politician or an officer, everyone is hungry for punches and has looted the public by blackening white money .

The problem is very serious, corruption is incarcerated, in practice we are now indulging in corruption, now they are customs

Wake up young people, now don’t bear injustice , the wealth of the country is the right of all, stop corruption now


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