How to do an internal survey on corporate benefits

With the arrival of new generations in the job market , the priorities of professionals when choosing their jobs have changed . For many, the benefits offered are as or more important than the salary when deciding where they want to work. Therefore, it is essential to know how to apply an internal survey on corporate benefits .

After all, to find out what employees want, the best way is to ask them . With that in mind, we explain everything you need to structure an efficient search and generate great results!

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What is an internal survey on corporate benefits?

The internal survey on corporate benefits is a questionnaire applied to employees to find out what their main demands are in relation to the benefits package. With this, it is possible to make a more precise planning, avoiding the offer of a package that the team does not like.

The questionnaire must be done periodically , at least once a year, so that the organization’s benefit plan is always up to date . Internal research is the most effective method to discover what the team would like to receive, helping the company to be creative and relevant when choosing benefits .

With this, employees feel that their wishes are really taken into account by the organization, which increases the team’s satisfaction at work . Upon realizing that the company cares about their well-being , the employee becomes more motivated, which helps to increase productivity and quality of deliveries .

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How to organize and structure an internal survey on benefits?

At first glance, organizing internal benefits research seems simple, but it is a task that requires a lot of planning . If the questionnaire is rushed or not properly focused, the effort will be in vain and the results will not appear.

Check below what are the main steps to structure this research properly.


1. Assemble the questionnaire

The first stage of the process is the elaboration of the questionnaire itself. In addition to writing the questions, it is also necessary to choose the method for evaluating the answers , the statistical treatment and the method for analyzing the results.

There are several ways of asking questions. For an internal survey on corporate benefits , the ideal are questions with few possibilities for answers , such as yes, no and maybe; or a system of grades from 0 to 5 for each topic covered.

For example, you can list all the current benefits offered by the company and ask employees to give a score of 0 to 5 for each one. It is an excellent way to quantitatively measure the team’s current level of satisfaction.

The same goes for suggestions for new benefits. Do a survey with the main advantages offered by companies in the current market and place them as an option in the questionnaire. The marks from 0 to 5 will serve to define the level of interest of the team in these possible benefits .

At the end, provide an answer box for general suggestions . New ideas are always welcome, especially with regard to the well-being and satisfaction of employees .


2. Disseminate the research

Before starting the survey, hold a meeting with all employees to explain the purpose and operation of the questionnaire . Acting with transparency helps to build trust between leaders and the team, in addition to encouraging everyone to participate .

Communicate to the team that the purpose of internal research on corporate benefits is to assess positive and negative points about what is currently offered. Also reinforce that the results will be used to reformulate the benefit plan according to the identified needs.

It is also important to establish a start date and a deadline for responses. Make a disclosure by e-mail before and during this period, reminding everyone about the stipulated dates and asking for the collaboration of those who have not yet responded.

The research must be done through online tools to expand access, facilitate assessment and increase team adherence. Just search for the most suitable platform for the content of your questionnaire and start using it.

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3. Apply the questionnaire

With everyone aware of the purpose of the questionnaire, it ‘s time to put it into practice . Respect the pre-defined deadlines for beginning and ending the survey, always sending reminders by e-mail so that employees do not miss the deadline .

In addition, make HR available to take any questions from employees about the content of questions, access to the questionnaire, assessment method and other matters related to internal research on corporate benefits.


4. Analyze and disseminate the results

With the answers in hand, it’s time to analyze the results . To avoid having to check the answers one by one, count on the support of technology and streamline the process. A simple system can compile responses and generate charts with the most recurring responses among employees.

When carrying out the assessment, establish priorities according to the main demands identified and the size of the budget that the company has to meet them.

Then, disseminate the results and highlight the positive and negative points of the research . Make it clear that business leadership is working on an action plan to make employee suggestions come true. This will send the message that the company does, in fact, listen to employees’ opinions.

It is important that this is done as soon as possible , so that employees do not think that the research has been forgotten by the company.


We’ve reached the end of our tips on how to do an internal survey on corporate benefits! Now that you know everything about the subject, how about putting what you’ve learned into practice?

Make a plan according to the needs of your employees and follow the step by step that we explain here in the post. Thus, you can improve your benefits package and increase your team’s satisfaction!


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