Intellectual Questions: 43 Wishes to Talk Smart to Everyone

If you want to impress someone with your intellect, you have to start an intellectual conversation. Here are 43 intellectual questions to ask them!

When asked if we find another person attractive, there are many answers on the list. Time and time again, intellect is one of them. To find another person who is really attractive, you need to find them attractive and interesting. And that’s where intellectual questions really work.

We want live conversations, challenge, discuss different topics, learn new things, new ideas and new ways of thinking, and look at the world.

If you love someone, then it is very important that you participate in your own intellectual conversation. We usually assume that someone can speak confidently on various topics and be smart if they can give interesting answers to our questions.

Of course, it is also important to have an interesting conversation.

Going on a first date with someone can be really frustrating, and even the most trusted person can shut up a bit if they feel the pressure of meeting someone they really love. Why don’t you prepare?

43 really good intellectual questions to open a smart conversation

If you take the time to think about a lot of intellectual questions to ask about your date, you can be sure that the conversation will not end and you will enjoy a fun, exciting and lively time that you both really enjoy – and thus increase your chances of wanting another date!

So what intellectual questions can you talk about in your history? Let’s look at some of them.

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# 1 Politics. Politics is, of course, a topic of conversation that can lead to a highly intellectual conversation between the two of you if you have well-thought-out arguments and interesting perspectives.

However, you need to remember that you need to know what you are talking about – remember that you cannot share your political views, which can leave your history unshakable.

# 2 meal. Food knowledge is something that allows you to look more intelligent. If you have interesting words about food and love to cook, talk about it. Remember, if you come across as eating a little, you can leave your date!

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# 3 Career. Talking about your career and ambitions is definitely something your history wants to know, and it should be easy to discuss both your work and your hopes and goals for the future.

If your job is not what you want to do right now, explaining why you are doing it and what steps you will take to move forward will prove that you want to go somewhere in life.

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# 4 Travel. Talking about travel is a great start to those early dates. Discussing the best places you have traveled and the places on your bucket list also shows that you have an adventurous side.

If you want to ask more open-ended questions about your history, here are a few examples of intellectual questions that will make you think about your history, laugh, tell your stories, share your experiences with you, and hopefully make you feel better. as if you know each other more deeply until your date is over.

# 5 What are you afraid of? There is something that scares everyone in life!

# 6 What are your regrets? Saying your regrets will make you feel closer.

# 7 What if you could take three things on a desert island? Learn what is important to them!

# 8 What is your biggest success? Share your success stories.

# 9 What did you like / hate about school? Having a childhood will allow you to get to know each other better.

# 10 Where is the best place to travel? Share your wonderful travel stories.

# 11 Have you ever been close to death?

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# 12 Have you ever had an accident?

# 13 What is the most embarrassing moment you have ever experienced? Usually embarrassing moments are funny for us now.

# 14 What is your favorite food?

# 15 What if you had to choose your last meal? This is a great place to start a joint meal.

# 16 If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Are they generous? Lavish? A careful protector?

# 17 What is your favorite room in your home?

# 18 How often do you meet / talk with your family? Finding family values ​​is very important.

# 19 What is your weird habit?

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# 20 Tell me a secret! Borrow from secrets you have never shared with others.

# 21 Do you prefer to spend time with friends or a lone wolf?

# 22 When were you happy? Focusing them on happy memories is a great way to start your history!

# 23 Can you tell if someone is lying?

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# 24 Are you a good liar?

# 25 All are fair in love and war – right or wrong?

# 26 What is the worst fight you have ever had?

# 27 Do You Believe in Dreams?

# 28 What do you think will happen when you die? It’s always interesting.

# 29 Do You Believe in Miracles? It is a pleasure to know whether you are a dreamer or a higher level person!

# 30 What is the best book you have ever read?

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# 31 Do you think we are prepared for monogamy? Probably not worth knowing!

# 32 Do you believe in fate?

# 33 Do you believe in karma?

# 34 What do you think you will do in ten years? Find out what their plans and hopes are for the future and then share yours!

# 35 Are you close to your family?

# 36 What is the worst lie you’ve ever told?

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# 37 What is your biggest success? Find the best.

# 38 Did you win a prize for anything?

# 39 If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

# 40 Do you like to take risks? Are they adventurous or do they prefer to make smart, reasoned decisions?

# 41 What inspires you?

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# 42 Why are you most grateful? Talking about how grateful you are can also make you feel deeply connected and positive.

# 43 Who would you apologize to the most and why?

These 43 intellectual questions are great starting points to help you have a lively and interesting conversation, as well as convince your history that you are a lively and interesting person!

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If you are nervous about your history, read the list of these intellectual questions and choose the most interesting ones to ask them and think about what you want to talk about. That way, if the conversation is dry, always straighten your arms!


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